December Goals

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's finally December! Also, I just reached 10,000 pageviews! Would you guys like me to do something exciting? Vote in the poll!

First let's recap from the November Goals!

 Keep getting good grades. I would say I am getting good grades. My average is a 97 which is really good!

Score a goal in a soccer game. I didn't make a good but I made an assist.

Make a new friend. Check!

Do well in Mathalon. I've been doing pretty well, our competition is Saturday and I am super nervous. 

Stay happy. I am a happy person so this wasn't too hard.

Post more interesting things. You guys have been enjoying the posts so that is good.

Write a story. I am working on one called Dan and Jessie.

Earn more followers on my fandom IG account. I currently have 745 followers, I think that's good.

 Make better edits.  I have gotten better and I am still working hard!


Take better photos
Keep working on my story
Get into the city youth symphony
Win a trophy in the Mathalon competition
Put more time into blogging
Practice my instruments more
Read 5 books
Keep getting good grades in school
Discover 5 new blogs
Win a soccer game
 I hope you enjoyed today's post everyone!!!! Don't forget to vote in the poll!
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  1. Massive congratulations on achieving your goals and getting over 10,000 pageviews. (Not surprised though!)

    I wish you luck in the Mathalon.

    | Ines | Ines's Insights | inessinsights.blogspot.com


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