A Peek At My Life and Some Info

Hello everyone! You asked for lifestyle, so here ya go. I'm giving you a quick look into my life right now, just showing you my schedule for the average Saturday.

10:00 AM- Wake up, check my notifications. (Probably drop my phone on my face)
11:00 AM- Eat a big breakfast, listen to music and scroll through Tumblr.
12:00 PM- Write a blog post, or try to take a good selfie and fail.
1:00 PM- More internet. Probably included getting scarred for life.
2:00 PM- Food time! Yay, this is my favorite time of the day.
3:00 PM- Internet.
4:00 PM- Something somewhat productive.
5:00 PM- Eat, internet
6:00 PM- Try to write my story.
7:00 PM- Read and eat. (Yes I read while I eat)
8:00 PM- Even more internet.
9:00 PM- Guess what? More internet.
10:00 PM- Sleep or read in bed.

Do you see a pattern? There's my average Saturday for you! Before you leave, STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, let's talk about a few things.

1) Would you guys participate if I held a contest? I want to do something to celebrate 10,000 pageviews. Comment down below!

2) The winner of my last writing contest is.......LEXIE!!! Lexie, you win a free pass for a guest post, a feature on my blog on Monday, and...... your blog linked at the end of all my posts. Lexie's blog

I hope you all enjoyed today's post!!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Has Lexie won it already? Anyway nice post.


    1. No, I won Noor's LAST writing contest not the one to celebrate 10,000 pageviews! :)

  2. My Saturdays are a bit simaler.


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