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My mom works and researches in Pakistan. She kindly let me use on of the interviews she did with a 13 year old boy named Aziz (I was told not to use the last name) His father was killed by the Taliban in a bomb blast. Translated from Urdu. (L stands for my mom)

A- "I study in private school. I am in grade 7. I have 3 brothers and sisters. My father was killed in the conflict of the Taliban, he was in the police."

           L-  "Do you remember the conflict?"

         A- "I was 9 in Class 4 when my father was killed. I was with my mamu (uncle) in 
         another town when I found out he was killed. I couldn't come because of curfew."

         L- "Why was your father killed?"

         A- "My father was killed because he was in the police. He was killed after the 
         Friday prayer. At that time he was in his civilian clothes. He was injured in the
         blast and 40 days later he died. I cried a lot."

         L- "Was your father against the Taliban?"

         A- "My father was very against the Taliban and used to tell the Taliban that the 
         government will control them. The Taliban were very bad people. They fired on 
         ordinary people and killed them. 

         L- "What will you do when you grow up?"

         A- "I will become a police man."

         L- "What do you think of Malala?" 

         A- "I don't really know what happened to her but our principal told us that Malala 
         was shot. At that time I became very upset. When I listen to what Malala says, my
         heart gets full of passion. I think all children should speak out like Malala. 

After reading this interview over and over again I thought a lot. I thought about how the Taliban did some of the world's worst things. I also thought about some people like Aziz's father spoke out to the Taliban and told them the truth. What did you think of this interview?

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