I Can Recycle This?

Of course, we all know we can recycle the obvious cans and plastic bottles. But what about these 4 things? I bet you didn't know you could recycle these things!

1. Packing Peanuts

These annoying little guys are a great recyclable material. Some mail delivery services encourage people to bring in their packing peanuts to be reused!

2. Ink Cartridges

Maybe some people know about this, (my mom did!) but many people don't. Ink cartridges can be given to office supply stores like Staples to be reused. (Somehow...)

3. Batteries

Guess how many batteries people throw out every year? 3,000,000,000,000 (3 billion) Batteries that aren't recycled can leak toxic chemicals into the Earth, grossss!

4. Eye Glasses

Have old glasses lying around? Recycle 'em! (Or donate) An estimated 284 million people have poor vision because they can't afford glasses. 

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