Happy 16th Birthday, guess what your present is?

You are a 14 year old in a South Asian country, and tomorrow is your birthday. Your parents say they have a huge present for you. On the day of your birthday, your parents present you with a....... man? It turns out in about 2 days you are getting married to this man. What's his name? Doesn't matter. What's his age? Doesn't matter either. By the time you're 17, a happy baby boy is born. But why so early?

  • In Niger, 77 percent of women were married before the age of 18. That's a lot. This is because the girl's family is probably poor and they need the money from the boy's family. 

  • The boy/man that the girl is marrying is usually 5-10 years older than his wife. 

  • 100 million girls will marry over the next decade. That's about 25,000 every day until I'm about 19 almost 20. 

  • Girls younger than 15 tend to die because of childbirth. Younger than 15! 

I'm thankful that I get to choose when I want to get married. 

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