All About Me

I've finally decided after not so much thinking that I should write a more detailed About Me...

Hi! My name is Noor Akhter. I'm 10 years old and also in the middle of the 5th grade. 

I started this blog because I wanted to share with people my opinions and how its like to be 10. Another reason was because i wanted to share fun tutorials with kids. Also, i want to be known for something good before i reach college so there's something under my name that says: Noor Akhter: sucessful blogger since the age of 9. I love writing and reading. What do I dislike? Child labor, labor, bullying, and math. (That was supposed to be funny, the math thing. No? Okay.) 

Sometimes I do decide to steer my posts the other way to the me side. Then it gets a bit more, kiddish... that's not a word is it?

Anyways, thanks for visiting and bye!


  1. Ha! Great All About Me summary. Great blog. Yes Math is rubbish.


    1. Thanks Lexie! I think everyone agrees math is horrible.

  2. I am 9 too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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