Myths Busted!

French fries came from France.... right? Ooh, I know this one. Sharks obviously kill more than a hundred people a year! Wait, no? How do you know that these facts aren't true? Oh you say your read the National Geographic Book Myths Busted? Yup, so did I! 

The book Myths Busted gives you the real truth. French fries actually came from Belgium! Yeah, and sharks... oh sharks! They barely even kill 10 people in a year! Oh and you know the "five second rule"? Well, in 2003 a student tested this for a science project. She dropped gummy bears and M&M's on the floor for 5 seconds. When she tested them, they were covered in germs. 

This book covers so many different categories to bust myths in. Animals, people, superstitions, food, the human body, candy, etc!

Here I'll share with you some of MY favorite myths in this book:

MYTH: In Star Wars, Darth Vader says "Luke, I am your father"

BUSTED!: The line is actually: "No, I am your father."

MYTH: Bats are blind.

BUSTED!: All bats can see. Larger bats called megabats (cool name!) search for food using sight and smell. Smaller bats called microbats mainly search for food using echolocation. Bats send sound waves and listen for the echo to bounce off things. 

MYTH: Hair and nails continue to grow after death. 

BUSTED!: After death, skin dries out. As the flesh loses water, it shrinks, pulling away from the hair and nails giving them the appearance of lengthening. But they aren't really growing!

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Sources: Myths Busted


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