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Hello everyone! I am now officially doing custom blog designs! They're completely free and they're usually done very quickly!
Here's what I can do:
Whole design
Social Media Buttons
Ask me for anything else, and I can see if I can do it :)

*-means it requires you to give me access to your blog
If you want a design, just fill out the form below and email me at
Name of blog:
Description (only if you want it on your header/blog button):
Type of design:
*If you want a whole design:
(Fill out the form above and then the one below)
Font for header: (look at for help)
What color/design do you want for your background?:
Social media links: Only if you want social media buttons
Color for social media buttons: Again, only if you want social media buttons
What color for header font?:
What color for background of header?:

Here are some questions to answer:
Do you want your date in a circle?:
Do you want your post title/date 

*If you want a blog button:
What color/design for background?:
What font for words?: Use for help
What else do you want on there?
If you want a header:
Font for header:
Color for header background:
Color for header font:
*If you want social media buttons:
Color for social media buttons:
Social media links:

*Ending Signature (it will just permanently be there on every post)

Color of background:
Anything else:
Here are the blogs that I have designed (that still have my design up)



  1. Ok Noor!! My name is not Jeanette that is my moms my name is Lauryn and you can call me Laur or lollypop or even ellanor! my blog link is and my blog topic is RANDOM!! I need a mix between the sunflower and tulip package! I know what I am doing i could really use some help with some stuff I don't get and I could really use some help decorating and and stuff. I will take you in for maybe 1 to 3 months.

    I need you because my mom doesn't know what I am asking for and neither does my dad. My friend knows and she won't show me how so your sorta my only hope! I truthfully need to get better at my blogging! Please helppppppp!!!

  2. This is an awesome idea, Noor! You have such good ideas, oh my. Keep it up! :D

    -Lily | Squishingly | BBK |

  3. Great idea! I am thinking of doing a blog design store for wordpress sites selling buttons, ending signatures and headers. It can be seen at when done.
    Emily :)

  4. Cool. I was thinking about doing designs. It looks fun.

  5. Nice! I love blog designing, but I'm not so good at social media buttons.. :(


  6. Have you seen her designs? So good!

    My new design was done by Noor!

    - Lexie | What Lexie Loves |

  7. Hi Noor!
    i just started a blog and i was wondering how i can get people to see it?
    P.S. i LOVE your blog!

    1. Hey! I may not be Noor but I was wondering what your blog is so I can check it out!!

  8. of course!
    you can look it up at
    thank you!

  9. Hi! I just wanna know how you learned basic coding? I couldn't seem to find any schools offering summer lessons in basic coding for high school students.

    1. Oh well, I sort of taught myself and searched up basic codes :)


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