a winter lookbook ft my 5 favorite books of 2017 (lots of representation!!)

I like clothes AND I like books. SO why not put them into one post? 

INSTEAD of doing a boring ol favorite books of 2017 post, I decided to compile it with some outfits I picked out and have been wearing so far this winter :D



ok back to it


cardigan: urban outfitters (my favorite store <333 when i can afford it lol)
shirt: gap
jeans: hollister

THE BOOK: always and forever lara jean by jenny han

my opinion: The Lara Jean has been one of my favorite book series since.. well forever? It's a lovely contemporary that is delightfully light hearted, but still brings a good serving excitement. A lot of people felt that it should have been a standalone, but honestly, I can never get enough of Jenny Han's writing :') ALSO asian representation <3

hits close to home: This book focuses a lot on college and stuff.. which is basically the only thing my friends talk about #nerds (kidding. maybe) so it was an enjoyable read. 

when i got it: I got this book for Eid 2017 ((a muslim holiday)) and WHEN I SAW IT WAS SIGNED I FLIPPED. This was devoured read on the way to NYC in July!



sweater: forever 21 (you would think it's from hot topic. BUT NO. you were bamboozled.)

THE BOOK : carry on by rainbow rowell

my opinion: OK I actually read this for the first time in 2016.. BUT I reread it like... 10 times this year... SO IT COUNTS. It's basically a fanfiction... in a real book? WHICH IS WHY I LOVE IT. It's gorgeously written and to be honest... I liked it a lot better than Fangirl. Probably because of the fantasy and amazing LGBT representation. It's everything that I need in a book.

hits close to home: I enjoy reading and writing fanfiction, and this felt a LOT like a Harry Potter fanfiction, which is the only fanfiction I really read so IT FELT FAMILIAR. bless u rainbow rowell.

when i got it: Sometime in 2016 I believe? Shortly after I finished Fangirl. And this year I read it over Spring Break, twice in summer, and then again in October :')


dress: express (this dress is absolutely gorgeous, and I SNATCHED it at an amazing 14 dollars in a black friday sale. bless u black friday)

THE BOOK : the entire wolves of mercy falls series by maggie stiefvater

my opinion: OK. I only actually own Linger in hardcopy, the other three I have as ebooks because I needed to read them IMMEDIATELY, and I didn't have time to go to the store. but OMIGOSH I love these books so much. I had read the first two earlier, but I finished the series in 2 days last month and OMIGOSH. I read Sinner over and over again because I love Isabel and Cole so much that I'm tearing up thinking about them. 

hits close to home: I live around a forest! We don't have wolves but we have coyotes. Of course they don't turn into humans, but you can hear them at night, so it's kind of close?? I think the real reason I love this series is just because of all the contrasts and gorgeous writing. SCREAM.

when i got it: I read Shiver and Linger in late 2015, but I finally picked it up again AS PROMISED in November. Best. decision. EVER.

sorry more blurriness :( BUT MY SWEATER.


sweater: GIFT! The person that got it for me doesn't remember where she got it from :( BUT ITS SO CUTE
sweatpants: forever 21

THE BOOK: we are the ants by shaun david hutchinson

my opinion: AND IN SECOND PLACE. This book was truly eye opening and the writing was amazing. ALSO more LGBT representation <3 This book is an art form in itself, it's a perfect combination of sci-fi and contemporary, and the undertones and concepts are... too ... good. AND THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. yes. Click here for my full review!

hits close to home: The realness of this book really pulled me to it, it's all so.. real.. even when it's not (I'm talking about the alien parts hehe). It's just such a good book, SO GO READ.

when i got it: I got this around ?? August maybe? PROBABLY THEN. And I read it in September!




sweater: rue 21
skirt: asos (best thing in my closet)
tights: nordstorm rack

THE BOOK: the hate u give by angie thomas

my opinion: BEST BOOK OF 2017. If you disagree unfollow. KIDDING. DON'T LEAVE ME. This book. Yes. Too many yeses. I just. yes. If you haven't read it. READ IT. After I finish this post, I AM going to go read it again. Beautiful book. :)

hits close to home: My parents are 'activists' sort of? So I'm familiar with the Black Lives Matter movement and I'm a strong advocate for it! This book empowers people of color, especially young people of color, which is EVERYTHING I LOVE. diversity and representation. yes. yes. yes.

when i got it: I got this as a gift for my birthday! (best BIRTHDAY GIFT) and I read it almost immediately, and loved it. OF COURSE. And since then, I've read it three more times heheheh

What were your favorite books of 2017? Have you read any of these? What are your favorite books with representation? Whatdya think of the new design? ;)

peace out y'all,


  1. All these awesome sounding books! Need to get more books to read! I LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK! Noor, it's so pretty, you did a great job with it!
    Simply Me

  2. ahhh your new blog look is amazing i'm scREAMINg
    i ALMOST got the hate u give / carry on for christmas but my mom decided to be stupid and not put both of those books on my amazon wishlist :( oh well, i got a lot of books anyway lol.
    I LOVE BOOKS WITH LGBT REPRESENTATION. (honestly anything that has lgbt representation i love). maybe it's because the fact i'm lgbt. whatever.
    -mckenzie |-/

  3. AHAHAHA I HAVEN'T READ ANY OF THESE D: but really cool outfits xD

    -- lisa

  4. WOW OKAY YOUR DESIGN IS GORGEOUS. I definitely need to get a new one. CARRY ON WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE 2016 BOOKS, AHHH.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  5. The new design is gorgeous! So soft and lovely, really easy on the eyes too. Those jumpers look so warm and cuddly, I love the idea of combining fashion and books, or books and anything basically. And such incredible choices, The hate U Give was such an influential book this year.

  6. Oh my god Noor, you're such an impressive and dedicated person. I feel like everyone that blogged years ago has gone, but you're still here, and the blog is as amazing as ever :) x

  7. I also reread Carry On this year! I love that book and I need to read more things by Rainbow Rowell because she writes the cutest stories. The Hate U Give was a fantastic read too and I recommend it to absolutely everyone. I haven't read We Are The Ants but it sounds like something I'd really like! If you like books that blend Sci-Fi and Contemporary, Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas is really wonderful and I love it to pieces <3

    This is such a cute post idea and I love it! I hope 2018 brings you just as many wonderful books :D

  8. I love this blog post idea!! Also your new design IS FABULOUS! Love it :)

  9. this is such a cute idea (oh my goodness that doge sweater gives me life).
    and also - your new blog design is inCREDIBLE AHHH I LOVE IT!
    happy new year, noor!


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