The Intimidating Task of Making Friends (Online)

Hello everyone! friends friends friends friends friends. great to have around, great to keep, hard to get. Even more hard to get online. let's make some friends, and skip horrible post intros because I'm pretty sure I know how to do one and have no clue how to do the other okay let's go.

before we begin, I'd like to clarify:

EVERYONE LIKES TO MAKE FRIENDS. or pretty much, i suppose, okay erm

ALMOST EVERYONE LIKES TO MAKE FRIENDS. so basically the first step, because of this fact, is don't be shy. You can always take the boring and lonely route and wait for someone to approach you with conversation or a cookie or you can take your cookies and conversation and meet someone new, the brave yet fulfilling route.

And the wonderful thing about online friendships is that you don't have to have a witty response right away, and you don't have to be awkward. It's a wonderful journey.

"i have friends though,  i don't need online friends???" shush yes you do and here's why

- they will understand you. see the thing is, you can be browsing blogs and find someone who you relate to, shoot them an email, and you'll have a relatable, amazing friend who you can talk to about anything.

- it's not awkward. I covered this above but you can actually take your time with responses to your online friend, it doesn't have to be this quick thing, which always causes anxiety for me and I freak out and mess up and that doesn't happen on the internet. 

- if you don't want to interact IRL, you can interact online. you get your social interaction in without leaving the comfort of your own bed. it's a beautiful thing, really.

- you can help each other out. now hush, i'm not saying you should make online friends JUST to do this but it's a real help. stuck on blog post ideas? they got you. need advice? they got you. just had a bad day and want to talk about it? they got you.

they're like irl friends, but online and they're always there with a send of an email.

now how to make internet friends, a great question with a simple answer: approach them. how to approach them? how to begin? well.

step one: find someone. browse those blogs, look at posts, look at about me's or just find a favorite blogger that you think would be hilarious or amazing to talk to.

                - and remember: no one in the blogging universe is too good for you, we're all amazing and                   we're all worthy of each other's time. yeah they might have way more followers than you,                   but so what, that doesn't mean they wouldn't want to talk to you. don't take them as                               intimidating, because they're probably an introverted bookworm like you.

step two: find a way to talk to them. whether it's over email, a social media or maybe they have a contact box. you should have a way to go back and forth with conversation. I personally like email or Google Hangouts, it's easy and i can do it with my phone too.

step three: approach. say hi, introduce yourself, say why you want to talk to them. a good reference can be using your about me to find things to say. and don't worry if it's awkward, it'll probably always be. just don't be shy, talk as if you were talking to your best friend.

step four: wait for the wonderful person to respond and begin your new friendship. whoop.

- it will be awkward at first. making friends isn't an automatic connection, it'll take time to really get comfortable and to understand each other. 

- keeping an online friendship can be difficult. with irl friends you see them a lot, at school, and other places. but with online friendships, you really have to take your time and work to talk to them, with time differences and other responsibilities as well. but if you're willing to stay friends, then good, do it.

- it's fine to be shy, in the beginning. but as you talk more you'll need to get comfortable and open up, otherwise there's no room for friendship. that just contradicted what I said earlier yikes okay

- don't leave a comment saying "hey can we be friends" and then don't act on it. seriously that is annoying, like comment sure, but then email or something k

Like said before, it will be awkward. You won't find things to talk about. So here are some conversation starters, questions, and not odd things that you can talk about. 

1) Your top 5 ____ (TV show, bands, etc)
2) Your skills. 
3) Ask each other life questions, advice, etc. 
4) Why did you become friends? Talk about the reason?
5) Blogging, or however you met. 
6) Your aesthetic
7) Conspiracy theories?
8) Something you've always been curious about.
9) Something weird you've done. 
10) Maybe discuss a blog post of their's that you related to.

This isn't much of a disclaimer but I am not an expert on making friends?? In fact I barely know how, I'm more feeding you what I've learned, like the ropes. I'm an awkward mess when it comes to interaction, maybe you shouldn't be taking tips from me.. oKAY bYe

And this isn't a disclaimer either but if you ever want a friend I want to be your friend I love friends, friends are wonderful. I would love it. You can like email me or comment or something I don't know cool yeah I'd love to be friends, in short. 


tell me if you have any friends here in the internet world and maybe how you met them? or maybe a blogger who you'd love to be friends with! 

Thanks for reading,

(previewing this I realize how massive this post is I'm sorry)


  1. YOU DON"T KNOW HOW MUCH OF A HELP THIS POST IS TO ME. I usually don't talk in all caps but this occasion really called for it. I've been really wanting to make Internet friends lately but I've had no idea how to start, so this post is an absolute lifesaver. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ♥♥♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    This is a great post, Noor. Will definitely help me in da future. :)
    ~ Suzy | Craftz'n'Craziness

  3. Thank you for your advice for online dating. Man is an unknown unknown. To understand it in our own hearts, we need to open it. Friendship begins. Communication and this is what is essential and important in establishing that friendship.

  4. I always underestimated the value of internet friends, because I'm an introverted book person and felt fine with the small handful of real friends I had in the real world. BLOGGING WAS THE BEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE because I "met" new people (like you!) and formed new relationships. There are people doing what I'm doing and struggling with my struggles! And half these people may not be people I would ever have chosen to connect with in the real world. But through the filter of what we have in common, we get to have fun, and learn more about each other with each post :)

    In short, I agree with you :P

  5. This is great advice, thank you for sharing :)

  6. I LOVE THIS POST. Really though, this is great. Friends are the best.
    Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog in the past btw. xx

  7. I like my online friends more than my real ones sometimes.

  8. Awesome post Noor! Online friends are very amazing things. I would love to be your friend :)

    Nabila // Hot Tonw Cool Girl

  9. I absolutely LOVE this post!! I'm always so awkward when making new friends, but I found this post super helpful.

  10. hahaha, this is such a cool post. i've made so many new online friends through blogger so i can agree with this ;-) xx


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