smells like mysteries

it's funny how it smells like mysteries, 
waiting to be solved.

in fact, the whole thing in itself is a mystery isn't it?
i don't think it ever will be solved.

i don't think it wants to be solved. 
i don't think that i want to solve it. 

i'll keep it my own mystery. 
smelling like a mystery, feeling like a mystery.

i'll live it like a mystery. 

or maybe it's a secret, that will never be told.
a secret that will never need to be told. 

people don't have to know about mysteries, and they don't always have to be solved, do they?

it's funny how this mystery. this enigma. this secret feels strangely like, home.


in fact this whole thing was a mystery, what is this? no one will know. where did it come from? again, no one will know. 
maybe i'll just keep that my own little secret. have a great weekend guys :)


  1. Mysterious..., I do love a mystery.
    Noor, I love how all your poems make the readers think! I think it a great strategy that helps to produce a fantastic poem.
    -Elsa :)

  2. Mysteries are my thing, nice poem.

  3. This poem is so amazing; it's so mysterious and interesting. You're entire blog is awesome.
    Also, I've tagged you in a post of mine back at my blog, if you're interested.
    -Elsie A xx

  4. This is such a wonderful piece of writing! I've always loved mysteries ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Mysteries will always be a mystery! Awesome poetry Noor! Very thoughtful!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl


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