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Hello everyone! Today I'm linking up with Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In for Beautiful People, a monthly link-up for writers to answer questions about their characters and books. I've truly always wanted to try this out, hopefully not fail because I have barely finished planning my WIP but nonetheless, let us begin.

Today's post is featuring my personal favorite character, Jeanna. It's about time you got to meet her, and her, how do I put this, fiery (?) personality. She's a secondary character, the main character's best friend. And she is a master, basically take Isabelle Lightwood and add Hermione Granger's wits and you've got Jeanna.

How often do they smile? Would they smile at a stranger?
Jeanna rarely smiles, she maintains a "I don't really care whatsoever" face 24/7. She takes pride in this, for she truly does not care whatsoever. Once in a blue moon, you can catch her with a smirk after a ruthless battle, but the only person who can actually make her smile is Vert (main character) . And Jeanna does not take pride in this. Smiling at a stranger? That's funny. Jeanna wouldn't show any emotion whatsoever around a stranger, who cares how she's feeling, and why should they care? Nothing but sass around strangers, maybe the occasional smirk, once again. But never anything more. Heck, she never smiles around her friends, much less a stranger.

What is the cruelest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction?
Jeanna's life is sadly a web of cruelty, she was abandoned, left in the outer skirts to stay, fend for herself. The saddest thing perhaps, is her mother's last words to her, telling Jeanna to never come find them, that she will stay away from them, the center of the web of cruelty. Her reaction, as a 7 year old, was of course, tears. As a 16 year old, depression. Jeanna is not an emotional person, on the outside. But words, actions, hit her like rocks, ripping her apart in many ways, but of course, she'd never show it. The only thing she can tell herself to do is listen to her mother, and never go back to them, no matter how much her heart aches to do so.

What is the kindest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction?
She really doesn't know, although, most likely every word Vert has said to her. No one is necessarily kind to her, they're more intimidated by her, and because of this, they avoid speaking to her. Vert was always different, he found a way to say something kind to her every day.  

She never had a reaction, maybe a roll of the eyes, or a shake of the head. Inside, however, was like a
geyser, exploding of emotions. She always loved hearing compliments for him, it was always a boost to her self-esteem, making her feel good. A bad day went away from hearing his voice, his daily "Looking great in your gear!" or "New eyeliner?". And he never forgot, the best part of it all. He never forgot to make her happy.

What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?
Pretty much the day Jeanna's parents left her. It was unforgettable, it was the day her life changed, she took on a different personality, a different life. In some ways, it was good for her, she learned how to be strong. But she would never recover from the loss, she didn't know whether her parents were alive or not, or how they were doing without her, or why they even left her. The memory left a black splotch on her life, something that could not be removed easily, or maybe ever.

What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading?
Oh gosh, this is a hard question. I feel like she's already a fairly strong character, and I don't think a whole book in general, but just the part of HP and the Deathly Hallows where Hermione has to leave her parents so they would be safe? I feel like she could learn a lot from that, and realize that perhaps her parents left her to save her.

Have they ever been seriously injured? How severely? How did they react?
Jeanna gets injured fairly often on Hunts and during training, although once she did receive a giant gash to the foot, via a long sword, and delivered by a training rival. In any normal case, that would have been a reason to amputate her foot, but in Jeanna's case, she healed it within days, somehow. Once again, almost no reaction, a couple loud cries, and sharp inhaling because of pain. No tears however, it seems as if she lost the ability to cry years ago.

Do they like and get along with their neighbours?
Jeanna doesn't like anyone but Felix (another side character) and Vert. Literally. If anyone else even tries to interact with her, they get the ultimate sass machine.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being easy and 10 being difficult) how easy are they to get along with?
Is 11 an option? Jeanna is an extremely bitter person and unless you're strong and like her, or you're Felix or Vert, she couldn't care less about you. She often compares herself to coffee. The strong kind.

If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go?
She says Mount Glory, to cleanse herself and possibly find renewal. But deep down inside, she would choose wherever her parents were, even when considering her mother's warning.

Who was the last person they held hands with?
*laughs*  INTERACTION WITH OTHERS? yeah no.

That was Jeanna for you, what a character. (badum tiss) I (hopefull) did not fail, it's quite difficult to tap into your character's brain and figure out what they would say, especially when you're still getting to know them.

*sighs* back to plotting.

Thanks for reading,


  1. She seems like a lot of fun ;) I like bitter coffee, so I am pretty sure I would like her.

  2. this is fantastic, hahaha! DONT WORRY I haven't even finished plotting my wip and I did this beautiful people link up. SO MUCH FUN THOUGH. Jeanna sounds fabulous.

  3. Love this so much! I like Jeanna already! Although, she probably wouldn't care. XD But she sounds awesome and yet so sad. I like her friendship with Vert. The three sound great together.


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