20 Ways To Spread Blogging Positivity

Hello everyone! Positivity is easy to spread, you can create happiness in the simplest of ways. Of course, the blogging community is one of the most positive and kind communities out there, but who doesn't need another reason to smile? I've compiled a list of 20 things you can say or do for bloggers to make their day :D

1 - look at their blog and leave a comment about what you think of it overall.

2 - tell your friends about their blog or talk about their blog on your blog.

3 - tag them in one of those blog awards.

4 - put them as your "favorite reads" on a favorite blogs page.

5 - drop them a sweet, from the heart email.

6 - make a positive quote your comment signature. (what you put at the end whenever you comment)

7 - make a post dedicated to all your favorite bloggers.

8 - do a post like this.

9 - try to be positive in your posts and comments and emails, etc.

10 - think of all the bloggers who have been nice to you, and be nice to them back.

11 - whenever you see a blogger in distress, help them in any way possible.

12 - try to write more positive posts often.

13 - eliminate the number of negative things you say about people on social media.

14 - initiate friendship with another blogger.

15 - introduce a blogger to another blogger.

16 - remember posts you enjoyed and maybe talk about them later.

17 - if a blogger is doing a contest or something cool, tell your readers about it.

18 - tell a blogger how awesome you think they are,

19 - send an email full of positive gifs to a blogger.

if misha tells you that you are the best, you are the best. 

20 - write a positive poem to someone.

*throws confetti* POSITIVITY !! *hands out cake* IS !! *opens window* VERY !! *screams* IMPORTANT !!

let's be positive. try to do all these things in the month of June, because I will. 

Thanks for reading,

be positive friends


  1. Oh I loved this post! I really need to work on my positivity at times, and you're right, it's very important :)
    Thanks for this post, honestly it really cheered me up!

    ~ Rukiya

  2. This was a really nice post! I definitely agree that positivity is very important, for the blogging community especially. It is filled with so many nice people, but without some general friendliness, it can turn kind of dull.

  3. Idea N.O 20 sounds so epic! You're great for writing this post as spiritually I believe happiness is the key to life. A poem you say? Too bad I can't write poetry well! Haha.

  4. Positivity something the internet and the world can always use more of.

  5. Great post Noor!
    We really do need people to be less nasty to each other, even if you don't get along with someone doesn't mean you should be horrible, they still deserve respect.
    A lot of people on social media feel like they can say whatever they want hidden behind their screens and don't realize that they are hurting actual people.

    You're Just Right

  6. Awesome post Noor! Being positive is so so important on the internet. With just a couple words you can make someone feel down without even realizing it. Those are awesome ways of showing positivity!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  7. This is such a wonderful post! I'm such a huge supporter of spreading blogging positivity. In fact, I made a post about it earlier this month! I love all of the ideas of spreading positivity that you shared ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  8. woooo!! this is such an awesome and meaningful post. i love these ideas!!

  9. People should be nicer to one another. I like to be nice.


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