Potterfest Day 6 - How To Be Hermione Granger

Hello students! Today's Potterfest post is sort of a life post, to help you students enhance your life. We all want to be Hermione Granger. Don't lie, we ALL wanna be Hermione Granger. So here are some full proof ways to become Hermione Granger.

1) Don't care about what other people think of you.

Sassy Hermione Granger may have started out being a bit self conscious, but as the books went on, she couldn't care less about what her peers thought of her.

Do things that make you happy, be someone that you want and if someone doesn't like the way you are, ditch 'em, they aren't worth your time. Hermione was called a know-it-all, but that did not stop her from answering questions in class, getting good grades, or doing other things that contributed to people calling her a "know-it-all". You shouldn't stop doing things you like if someone else is teasing you about it. In fact, you should do those things even more, just to rub it in their faces a bit.

2) Be logical and try to approach things in a mature way.

Hermione always does things maturely, and whenever she has to tackle a difficult problem, she does things logically, and never takes a shot in the dark. 

We can all get immature sometimes, even Hermione does. But when things need to be taken seriously, it's important that you work your hardest on them, and really think deeply, like Hermione always does. And try not to mess around when you're not supposed to. You're Hermione Granger, and Hermione Granger does not mess around.

3) Always be there for your friends.

No matter what they said or did, Hermione was always there for her friends in their time of need. That's the kind of attitude everyone needs to have. Your friends are your friends, and if they are really your friends, then they don't really mean the mean things that they say.

Stick up for them, or defend them against dragons or mountain trolls, your pick. 

4) Believe in yourself.

Hermione always believed in herself, and the one of the many reasons why she was beautiful was because she knew it. You have to know that you can do something, know that you're beautiful. Because only then will you truly be beautiful. Beauty doesn't come from someone else's compliments, it comes from your compliments to yourself. 

5) Be awesome.

Because you're Hermione Granger and you're amazing. 

How does it feel to be Hermione Granger? Pretty great huh. So for 5 points to your House, tell me in the comments: Besides Hermione, if you could be anyone from Harry Potter, who would it be?

Let me know your House as well so I can award you the points!

Sadly, there's only two posts left of Potterfest BUT, they're extra exciting so woohoo!

By the way, Ravenclaw is still in the lead.

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  1. I would love to be Luna Lovegood! Ravenclaw is my house and Luna's!

    Rose :3

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  3. Noor, I don't know if I should start now if I wasn't there for my team at the beginning...I'm so sorry :(

  4. Gryffindor,Luna Lovegood , or Harry and maybe the guy in the cabin (I forgot his name )

    1. The guy in the cabin...?! What have I taught you Wolfa!? I mean...!? Also, he is Hagrid.

  5. Slyterin and absolutely Loona Lovegood, or George Weasley.
    Actually, now that I think about it, MYSELF, who is of course in Hogwarts anyways :b
    Attempted Motivation

  6. Gryffindor/ and oh my gosh! Besides Hermione, I'd have to say I'd love to be Ginny.

  7. i'd like to be dumledore. or maybe snape, or even lily potter. Im in gryffindor

  8. Ravenclaw// Other than Hermione Granger, I would love to be either Luna or Ginny.

  9. I ADORE this post! I would totally love to be Hermione. She's so much sassier than she initially seems, isn't she? Just, <3 <3 <3 If I could be anyone I DON'T SEE WHY I WOULDN'T BE HERMIONE. But other than her, I would probably be Minerva McGonagall (sass queen) ... although the new Fantastic Beasts characters look, ahem, fantastic! (I'm Slytherin :P)

  10. I would love to be Luna Lovegood because she's so quirky and lovable. (Hufflepuff)

  11. I would love to be Luna. :) -- Ravenclaw
    ~ Suzy

  12. Ginny Weasly!! Gryffindor


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