Potterfest Day 3 - Triwizard Tournament

Hello students! Today in Potterfest, you will be competing in our own little school Triwizard Tournament!

Basically, you will be entering a maze. And in the maze you will come across riddles, and turns, and questions. At these stopping points will be two links, one paired with an answer, that decided which way to go. Click on the link of your answer and read what's written on the page and follow the instruction. Do NOT lie and look at both pages. Good luck! If you reach the finish, comment the answer to the last question in the comments. Remember, there will be tricks along the way, so use your skills! BEGIN!

As you walk down the long, dark depths of the maze, you stop at a fork. The first challenge of the road. You can take right or left. You feel warmth coming from the left and the smell of the ocean coming from the South. Which route do you take?

Left     Right

You keep going, either happy from your new riches or disappointed from your loss. Nonetheless, you keep walking. Suddenly, you come across a paper on the ground. It reads: To pass this barrier you must answer this simple question: What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die? You think of your answer and think it in your brain. There comes another fork in the road. Choose a pathway. 

Left    Right 

You come out. But out comes a dragon, swooping down. If you still have your wand,  you shoot it with a blast of flames. If you do not have your wand, you have been shot with a blast of fire, and you jet up in flames. Another choice has appeared. You can either choose to hit the portkey on the left or the portal on the right. 

Left   Right

You tread carefully, as you can hear yells coming from the distance. Soon you are faced with 2 large mountain trolls, making their way near you. You:

Attack them, like Harry Potter did      Try to sneak around them stealthily.

As you come back sweating from your fight, you decide to take a break and sit down. But as you do, you feel the hedge sucking you in, what do you do?

Shoot a flame at it          Don't do anything

When you escape, you see the Cup glowing in the distance. You laugh and run but there's an invisible barrier in the way. There's another piece of parchment lying on the ground. Because I Ronald Weasley have developed this glorious maze, it is only natural that I would have added a question concerning yours truly. When is my birthday? (you may look this up)

March 1st no the link isn't broken               November 24th 

In addition to clicking the links, you must comment your answer below to win the 100 points! Don't forget to comment your house as well!

Good luck! Ravenclaw is still in the lead as of yesterday's challenge.

Thanks for reading,


  1. I only got the and last one's right.


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    1. I said that link wasn't broken :P but I'm going to delete your comment so no one sees your answer!

  3. I'm am a Ravenclaw!
    On the first one, I chose left, and got 5 points.
    On the second one, my answer is "nothing" and I chose right, and got 5 points.
    On the third one, I chose left.
    On the fourth one, I chose "sneak around them stealthily"
    On the fifth one, I chose "shoot a flame at it"
    On the sixth one, I chose March 1. The only reason I knew this, is probably because of The Half Blood Prince. Because, on March first, Ron takes the apparition test!

    1. Hey I'm going to delete you comment now :)

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    1. Hey! Have you sorted yourself on the first post of Potterfest? Because you must do that before you participate in any challenge! Thanks :)

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  6. I couldn't click that last link :( March 1st/Slytherin

  7. I couldn't click that last link :( March 1st/Slytherin


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