Potterfest Day 4 - Defense Against The Dark Arts

Hello students! Welcome back to class, today we will be shifting over to DADA! Today's lesson is on the ever so interesting topic of dementors.

As many know, dementors are creatures that suck your soul, take out every single happy moment from your body. But we will learn how to send them back, using our Patronus. To figure out what your Patronus is, take this simple quiz:

1) Choose your favorite spell:

a) Accio
b) Wingardium Leviosa
c) Lumos
d) Stupefy
e) Crucio

2) Who's your Hogwarts crush?

a) Hermione Granger
b) Cedric Diggory
c) Luna Lovegood
d) Seamus Finnigan
e) Tom Riddle

3) What's your Quidditch position?

a) Chaser
b) Seeker
c) Keeper
d) I'm on the sidelines.
e) Beater

4) Do you fear death?

a) meh, sort of
b) yes yes yes
c) not really, although I can't stand to think about it
d) nah
e) I cause death.

5) What's your favorite class?

a) Charms
b) Herbology
c) Transfiguration
d) Potions
e) i hate school.

6) What's your Hogwarts House?

a) Gryffindor
b) Hufflepuff
c) Slytherin
d) Ravenclaw

Mostly A's- A Labrador Retriever
Mostly B's- A Phoenix
Mostly C's- A Swan
Mostly D's- A Fox
Mostly E's- A Cheetah


Tell me below what your Patronus is, what House you are in AND: What's your happiest memory? Comment all these below for 10 POINTS!

STANDINGS: Ravenclaw in first but Gryffindor ONLY 10 points behind! Slytherin 20 points behind Gryffindor and Hufflepuff 30 points behind Slytherin. Good luck :D

Thanks for reading,


  1. Phoenix and, my trip to New Orleans!!

  2. im between a fox and Labrador retriever :)

  3. Phoenix, Ravenclaw, and christmas!

  4. Phoenix, Gryffindor, and my favorite memory in my entire life was when I saw the first episode ever of my favorite movie, exactly 33 weeks ago. Sadly, the movie ended last Wednesday, so that was my saddest memory. :( (Lol, you may say that 32 episodes is really little, but it's Turkish, so that's how these Turkish shows are, each episode is like, at least 2 hours long, so 32 weeks is kind of long for these Turkish movies called "dizi's"

  5. Labrador Retreiver / Slytherin

    When I won a dodgeball tournament of 50+ people, some twice my age.

  6. Labrador Retreiver / Slytherin

    When I won a dodgeball tournament of 50+ people, some twice my age.

  7. Fox! I am a Ravenclaw and my happiest memory was staying up all night with my friends!

    Rose :3

  8. I'm in Ravenclaw, and my patronus is a labrador retriever! My happiest memory was probably last year at my graduation..where I had a lot of fun with my friends and teachers!

  9. I'm Ravenclaw and I got Fox. My happiest memory was visiting New York or starting my blog :)

  10. My patranus is either a fox or a pheonix (and I'll raise you like pheeooniixx (sorry i just instantly thought of that song))
    My house is Ravenclaw
    My happiest memory would have to be when I went to a youth group lock-in at my church and we stayed up playing loud games until 8 in the morning. ;)
    ~ Suzy

  11. Slytherin, fox patronus :D
    One of my happiest yet bittersweet memories is having a party for our amazing teachers that were leaving the school.
    Attempted Motivation

  12. I got a swan. (I'm a hufflepuff.) My favorite memories are probably my sleepovers with friends and the late night conversations I have with my friends.

  13. I'm between a fox and a swan. This was a really fun post. Thank you, Noor. <3
    xx Jordan


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