Potterfest Day 1 - Sorting

Hello everyone! It's officially the first day in my little Potterfest! Today, you all will be sorted into your Houses.

Okay, a while back, I wrote a post on a quiz to sort you into your house! So to find your house, click here! Don't lie about your House, it makes everything boring :P

So now, comment below which House you are in and I'll put you up here! You have until tomorrow to sort yourselves ;)





But wait, that's not all! At the end of each post, you will receive a task to complete (it'll be very simple) and you can earn a certain amount of points with it. This post will be a little different as each house will receive a separate task, to see if they're really worthy to be in their house.

So in the comments, I want you to tell me, your house and answer the question that fits with your House, to the best of your abilities:

Gryffindor: Tell me the bravest thing you've ever done, and your motivation to do it.

Ravenclaw: What would you do if a dragon attacked you? You have your wand, and you're in the forest. Good luck ;)

Hufflepuff: Give me the best quality that you look for in a friend. Also, what would make you ditch that friend?

Slytherin: What's the best prank you've ever done? and/or make up a prank using magic! (i am in no way implying that Slytherins are all pranksters, I thought that this would be fun)

Alright, every time someone answers, you get 10 points to your House! Good luck, may the best House win this challenge!

Thanks for reading,


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  2. Gryffindor, This is a hard one I honestly can not think of anything right now, probably moving out quite young and surviving aha! No motivation as I didn't have a choice and had to grow up very quickly.

    Meme x

  3. Yay! I'm Ravenclaw :D I really like this task, I do however have a question about how we enter in our tasks, but you'll probably answer that tommorow so I'll wait XD

    ~ Rukiya

  4. I'm a huuflepuff!(I just did the sorting hat on Pottermore.)The best quality I look for in a friend is honesty. If they can open up to me that shows that they trust me and can be trusted. It also helps to avoid fights. I would leave a friend if I found out that they were talking behind my back or keeping secrets from me.

  5. yay i'm huffelpuff! and what I look for in a friend is loyalty and kindness, and why i would ditch them is if they betrayed me.

  6. I'm a Gryffindor, and I honestly don't know!!

  7. I'm ravenclaw! If a dragon attacked me would try to paralyze it then hide and then do a sneak attack of some kind to either kill or bind it.

  8. This is going to be so fun :D I'm a Gryffindor, and the farthest I've ever pushed my fears was just a few days ago when I did this crazy snow slide that was angled at an insanely steep angle... don't know how I did that. Another brave thing I did, though I feel that this is a different type of bravery, was write a letter to my school principal asking if we could bring cameras on our grad trip and then getting the majority of our class to sign it. That was pretty scary as well.

  9. Slytherin! ;)
    The best prank... The only one I can think of on the spot was this time I made a copy of this drawing my little brother worked hard on and ripped it up in front of him. He genuinely thought it was the real thing.

  10. Slytherin! ;)
    The best prank... The only one I can think of on the spot was this time I made a copy of this drawing my little brother worked hard on and ripped it up in front of him. He genuinely thought it was the real thing.

  11. I got Gryffindor and thats a hard question I honestly don't know.

    It's Sophia! :)

  12. I would portably by in ravenclaw because I like magic and mythical creatures plus adventures and maybe in hufflepuff because of the thing I did and now regret and learned to forgive and it problem been fixed :)

  13. Ravenclaw: I would probably try to tame it and ride it into the sunset.

    Rose :3

  14. I got Slytherin, surprisingly.
    Hmm, best prank recently was changing my friend's laptop keyboard settings at school to a different language, the confusion was priceless XD
    This is an awesome idea by the way Noor, I can't wait for the next challenges!

  15. I got ravenclaw:)
    I would probably do what Ron, Harry, and Hermione did in The Deathly Hallows, and jump on top of the dragon, and ride it!

  16. I'm Gryffindor! I hope this isn't too late - the bravest thing I've ever done was probably slingshotting (similar to bungee jumping) in Peru. I crave adventure, so I guess that's why :) xx

    Shine on,

  17. Oooo! I'm kinda half Ravenclaw and half Gryffindor. So I'll just answer both questions. ;)
    The bravest thing Ive done so far would have to be whne I went tubing on a lake. My dad turned the boat so sharply that I went over the wake of the boat and skimmed so far on the water the tube was literally ahead of the boat. It was pretty awesome. :)
    As the dragon would open its mouth to engulf me in flames, I would blast the inside with a powerful spell, and then while it was still unconscious take it to my house, tame it, and make it become my pet dragon. ;)
    (Hope this wasn't too late :/)
    ~ Suzy

  18. I'm so sad that I won't be able to participate in Potterfest the entire week because UGH CURSE MY INTENSE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE. But anyhoo, I took the test, and I got Gryffindor, which is weird because I've always felt more like a Ravenclaw. However, Pottermore has sorted me into Gryffindor and I swear, I did not manipulate the answers for me to be placed in that particular house.

    But anyways.

    The most courageous thing that I have done is the one time that I talked down a teacher just to prove a point-- this one teacher I had several years back was accepting something that was incorrect (they were being sexist) and so, in the middle of class, I stood up and talked to them about not judging the girls in the class as being inferior to the boys in a certain subject. (It was MATH. Girls can be smart at math, too.) And boy did that make me mad. Things worked out in the end, though!

    xoxo Morning

  19. I'm in Ravenclaw! But it's too late :(

    Anyway, to answer the question, I would use a spell to blind it somehow.

    I hope you still put me up there!


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