Kids In The Dark

Looking back, I see a setting sun, and watch my shadow fade into the floor.

I am left, standing on the edge, wondering how we got this far. 

How we got this far, how we got this far. 

They left us alone, the kids in the dark. To burn out forever or light up a spark.

We come together, state of the art. We'll never surrender, the kids in the dark. 

So let the world sing, what a shame. Beautiful scars and critical veins. 

Hello everyone! This outfit was inspired by All Time Low's song, Kids In The Dark. I found this super comfy, adorable sweater at Forever 21, in the kid's section, which is actually surprising. The scarf is also really nice, I love the intricate aztec-like designs! I'm pretty sure I got it from Macy's..

This is more of a wintery/fall outfit because it is currently 37 degrees outside, and I wanted a nice transition from those other summer outfits into fall!

My favorite shot from this has to be the feet one. There is a gorgeous spot behind our shed and it literally screams fall. I also like the last one, it was interesting to experiment with focus :) 

If you haven't noticed, I shoot in a lot of the same places and I'm sorry for that. I have to balance my camera on a spot, because I do not have a tripod, yet. Hopefully I'll get one soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed this, a lot of people do like my fashion posts :)

Stay warm guys <3

Thanks for reading,


  1. Hi Noor! I loved this post! You have such a great taste in clothes, I wish I could go to the mall with you! I love you photography skills too! What type of camera do you use and also what laptop/desktop do you use?

    1. Thanks Fiona, I'm glad you liked it! I emailed you on the topic :)

  2. Wow, beautiful outfit! I especially love the scarf. :) The lyrics to that song are also really pretty. I'll have to look it up.

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Thank you Lydia darling <3 I love it too, the colors and design are gorgeous :) You should, ATL has some amazing lyrics :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ellie! It's really soft and comfy :)

  4. Awesome pictures! I love the one of your shoes and the leaves the best. :D

    37 degrees is freezing!

  5. I luv ur sense in fashion and ur outfit, especially ur scarf. Can u please make more fashion posts? -

  6. Aaaah, I love these pictures! They're so lovely. <3
    And your scarf... *dies a little* I don't usually wear many scarves, but I would like to more, because they are SO pretty and add a lot to an outfit.


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