Thoughts While In Hot Topic

Hello everyone! If you listen to rock, metal, punk, punk pop, etc you've probably been into Hot Topic. I go there all the time, it's like my happy place. I do get some odd looks however, I'm very young compared to the people there. So today I have my thoughts while in Hot Topic. Enjoy.


"Ooh look at those people looking at Fall Out Boy shirts. Should I go talk to them? Nah."

*walks in* "Anndd everyone is at least 5 years older than me. Great."
Cashier: "Honey, Justice is a couple doors down."
*looks for an extra small because everything is too big*
*starts to look at Doctor Who shirts* Some other customer: Isn't Doctor Who too scary for you?
Worker: "My Chemical Romance might be a bit hardcore for you, maybe go to Claire's and get a One Direction CD?"
*is holding boatloads of chokers, CDs, and t-shirts* "I probably look like a emo wannabe right now."
"I wonder how many 11 year olds actually come to Hot Topic."
"I bet they think I'm going through my 7th grade emo phase."
Person: Hey! I like your shirt! MCR for life! Who's your favorite member? Me: (completely awkward and unaware) Um, uh, thanks, uh, uh, um, *panicks*, um, Ryan Ross?
"This dress is actually really cute! And it's 50 dollars, great."
*awkwardly stands behind mom while she pays for my crap.*
*is looking at Harry Potter things* Person whispering to other person: "I bet she hasn't even read all the books, kids these days never read." Me: *tries not to laugh because I've read them more than 5 times.*
"I wish I just could have everything in this store."
I hope you enjoyed that little humor post I guess :P It is actually extremely awkward for me to go into Hot Topic.
Imagine a tiny 11 year old surrounded by 13-25 year olds. It's like torture when I have to ask for something plus all of the weird looks I get.
Anyways have a fantastic rest of your day! On Thursday I'm going to be starting something exciting so look out for that :)
Mkay bye,


  1. Ok not trying to me mean to you or anything but that was pretty funny, but also that it is awesome that you still go even if it is awkward for you.


  2. Can't wait for the thing!
    Aw, poor dear. You're exceptionally mature for your age, though, so I doubt they think badly of you once they start talking to you.

  3. "Ryan Ross?" sAmE
    Sorry that people shoot you weird looks. I say it's worth it though for all the amazing stuff that HT stocks.
    (Besides, there's Disney stuff in there. I doubt you're the first 11 year old to ever come inside the store. Get your band merch and be proud girlie. ^-^)
    xo Adi

  4. This cracks me up so much! In reality, I am much of a bright, colorful. Person but every once in awhile I do end up wandering into Hot Topic because they have some of the best fandom stuff (plus, it's one of the only places to go look and buy Funko heads!)-- the first time I went in there, I was like, ten, and people told me the exact same stuff. YOU PROVE THOSE PEOPLE IN THERE THAT YOU DESERVE TI BE IN THERE ;D

    xoxo Morning

  5. I know so many people who share these struggles. If you want to maybe be less awkward, try doing what my friend does: go every other day and make friends with the cashiers. I literally know someone who does that, and she's in sixth grade.

  6. *still looks 11 at age 15*

    Actually I look 10 so guess what, you've got someone here basically younger than you! :P

    If you think having your mom pay is embarrassing, you should try paying alone with your mom's debit card (which you were trying desperately to pretend was your own) and swiping it in the wrong direction. Twice. And then having the cashier, who is probably really only about two years older than you (but looks about seven years older than you), condescendingly tell you which direction you're supposed to swipe the card in. THEN you can leave hurriedly, reassured that you will never return to the mall again.

    (if you're wondering, yes, that was my indirect way of saying all that happened to me)

    Ah. Such is the life of us young people. Or, in my case, young people doomed to look five years younger than they actually are.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  7. DOCTOR WHO??? SCARY FOR AN 11 Y/O? Oh myyy. Hot topic people are rude. :( Also, who needs 1D when there's MCR, right? This legit making my day. :')

  8. Hahahaha :') You know, I kinda admire people who are totally fine with being judged. Good on you going against the status quo.

    The Life of Little Me

  9. Oh how I would love to give you some sort of logical advice but then again it's me we're talking about and unless you find' hide behind a granola box' helpful advice, i'm probably not the best help. Noor, this was a hilarious post. I feel ya, as a young whippersnapper it's so awkward.

  10. I've never been to Hot Topic because it's not really my style, but I love this post, it made me laugh! I think we all go through these things like these, no matter how old we are or where we shop ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  11. I feel you, except instead of Hot topic, the teen (or sometimes adult) section of the library.
    Livy :)

  12. This made me smile! I'm 18 and I sometimes feel judged when I go into Pulp (our version of Hot Topic). Well done you for going in even when it's awkward for you! The way you're describing your feelings is how I feel going into 'normal' shops cause I feel I'm being judged for wearing black skinny jeans, a band tee, and a vans rucksack!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life


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