7th Grade Adventure

Hello everyone! Long time no post, I've just been really busy lately. Anyways, last year I did a post on my adventure through 6th grade. It was extremely cringe-worthy, a weird idea, and I GOT MY ENGLISH TEACHER'S NAME WRONG *facepalm*, but I decided to carry on the tradition and do it for 7th grade. (Which is the second year of middle school, first year of junior high)

Basically I'm going to go through my periods and list my teachers, and how I like them.

1st Period: German/Gym

German-Mrs.Mugavero: I had her last year and she was so nice and funny and she still is! There really is nothing bad about her, she barely gives any homework and we always do fun stuff.

Gym- Mrs. Yesensky: She seems a bit hardcore, but I think she's pretty nice.

2nd Period: Social Studies

Mr Spierling: Okay he's really cool. He likes Doctor Who which is amazing and he makes learning understandable. The only thing that I'd have to say is probably a lot of homework.

3rd Period: Math

Mrs. Jeremeko: Pretty nice, does some interesting things, I like the way she teaches and helps us out.

4th Period: Health/Orchestra

Mrs. Schmidt- Orchestra: Seems a bit strict but I think she's pretty nice.

Mr. Wood- Health: Seems okay but I can tell health is going to be a bit boring.

6th Period: FACS (Home Ec)

Mrs. Jackson: Again, seems a bit strict but she seems helpful and I feel comfortable asking questions with her.

8th Period: English

Mrs. Stowell: I really like her, she has good books in her library, she seems really nice and I'm excited to see what she does with us.

9th Period: Science

Mrs. Valenta: I really like the way she teaches us, the labs are fun, and she's super nice. (She's also my homeroom teacher)

This is a bit of a weird post but I felt like I should keep the tradition from last year. I bet that I am going to cringe at this next year.

Hope you enjoyed!

When do/did you start school? If you did, who's your favorite teacher so far? Subject?

Thanks for reading,


  1. Your classes all sound so interesting! German isn't even available at my school, and I'm not sure about Home Ec. It might be available at the high school. I'd love to take German. Have fun in seventh grade!

  2. This is interesting! To be honest, I was home educated all my life. So I know nothing about school except from what the TV depicts. :P

    I'm in college. I think my favorite professor would be Mr. Prim. He passed away this spring semester though, which makes me really sad. He was one of the best English professors ever. He was always so enthusiastic! He made learning fun. He made you want to read and want to write (I want that already, but I've heard other students mention how his teaching effects them). And you would always learn more than just English in his class. He always made it connect to the here and now, to real life, somehow. He was seriously the best!

  3. That is cool. My favorite teacher is probably my English teacher who is super nice.

  4. Haha if I were to describe all my teachers, I would lots and lots to say about them. I always feel super lucky if I get a teacher that's not only interesting, nice and teaches well in class. But not many of them fit that criteria :(
    Great post x

    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  5. I had fun reading this! Sounds like you have a lot of nice teachers! :) I'm homeschooled so I guess my mom is my favorite teacher, lol. :)

  6. I'm taking precalc this year - so excited, even though I hate math haha! x

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs

  7. Your teachers sound awesome this year! :D My teachers are great, but a lot of them are pretty much strong-willed... "interesting", people, if that's the correct word to use. ^.^

    xoxo Morning


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