What I Look For In A Blog

Hello everyone! I'm in the wonderful Cali for the next couple weeks, hooray! Anyways, today I'm going to talk about the things I look for when I read a blog. Let's get into the post :)

1. Nice grammar/spelling/no acronyms 

I am a grammar freak. If you make a grammar mistake, I will correct you. So if I see this on a blog:

OMG!1! Todey I went to the mall wiht my besties! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! My freind told me this witch was tots hilars: "look at that dude over they're, he looks like sully from monsters INC." LOL!!

NO STOP. Back it up. This is a blog. Not social media. "OMG" and "LOL" shouldn't be used in this situation. Plus, there are so many spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes *cringe* Let's fix this:

Oh my goodness! Today I went to the mall with my best friends! We had so much fun! My friend told me something that was really funny: "Look at that guy over there, he looks like Sully from Monsters Inc!" 

How you can avoid this: Proofreading! It's very important, spelling and grammar mistakes may seem small, but it could cost you blog readers.

2. The blogger writes about interesting things, not random stuff.

I don't want to read a blog post all about your super duper fun mall trip with your friends, no offense. Let's go back to the old paragraph:

Oh my goodness! Today I went to the mall with my best friends! We had so much fun! My friend told me something that was really funny: "Look at that guy over there, he looks like Sully from Monsters Inc!" 

Now, let's fix it by making it a bit more interesting. Maybe, you can turn it into a haul!

Today I went to the mall with my best friends! We had so much fun! So today, I am going to share some of the things I bought. Hope you enjoy :)

How you can avoid this: Before you hit 'Publish' , think about whether the post seems interesting. Sure, it might seem fun to you, but would your readers find this post enjoyable or helpful? 

3.  I can actually look at your post without my eyes hurting.

Everyone wants to experiment with all the cool fonts and colors and things that Blogger has to offer, c'mon don't lie to me. But sometimes, those cool fonts and colors, can hurt the eyes. Raise your hand if you want to read a post like this.

HELLO EVERYONE! Today, I'm doing the Me tag!  I HOPE YOU ENJOY I was tagged by Pete Wentz, thanks Pete!

Did anyone get the reference I made there? ;)  Anyways, I bet none of you raised your hand. I can't read a post like this, so if your posts look like this, I would suggest changing it.

Now the blog design is a whole different story. Comment "Nice!" if you want a post on How To Make Your Blog Design Look Good :)

4. You post often

If I click on your blog and see that you haven't posted in 10 days, chances are I'll click away. (There are exceptions of course, blog breaks, vacation, etc)

I understand if you can't post for a certain reason, but if you actually forgot to post, that tells me a lot, and it's not a good thing.

How you can avoid this:  Try your best to post regularly,don't slack off. And maybe keep a schedule, that's what works for me :)

I hope you enjoyed today's post and that it helped you a bit. Oh yeah, comment down below if you got my Fall Out Boy reference :P

What do you look for in a blog?

Mkay bye,

P.S- I changed the design a bit, it's now mint. The blue was changing and it became weird so I changed it :)


  1. I tend to look for the housekeeping things like you do, but I also tend to follow blogs if they have content I'm interested in. For me, that's mostly book bloggers, but sometimes I venture out of that realm.

  2. FALL OUT BOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
    I swear if Pete Wentz tagged me in something I would literally die.

    - Ellie

  3. Lovely post. I too, really don't like grammar mistakes-but sometimes I'm the one making them! Oh, and I would like a post about how to make your blog design look good so..."nice!"


  4. Nice! This is such a great post, I'm constantly trying to improve my blog quality ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Nice! This post was so, so helpful. I'll keep these points in mind. :)

  6. Fall out boy- YASSSS!
    This post was helpful.
    Will you lemme know what you think about my blog?

  7. Nice! A blog design post would be great, judging by the fact that I'm completely limited to what blogger gives me and what I can figure out. I definitely have the same preferences because I agree with all of these things.

  8. Wow. I'm surprised you're following my blog then :P I'm constantly making grammar mistakes as I always write my blog posts in a rush, I'm a total random poster--one day it's "random watermelons", another it's Marvel fan-stuff--and I'm always putting time gaps between posts.

    I'm lucky I've kept you as a follower this long :P

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  9. Yessss, I'm a bit of a spelling/grammar freak too! And I'd love to see a blog design post (I love the mint)!


    1. Oh by the way, I've added to followers widget - if that is of ANY interest! ;P

  10. I read that sentence and my inner grammar Nazi went berserk :D
    I judge my posts on how many comments they have, I guess. The more comments, the more interesting/relatable the post.
    Anyway, really helpful post. Now I can see where I may need to improve ^.^


  11. I think posts about interesting things is the big one. I really dislike it when people post about what they did all day, when their day isn't that significant. I love entries about travelling though - they're alright. And I guess presentation and grammar and all that stuff is pretty important as well.

    The Life of Little Me

  12. These are really big things I look for blogs as well...nice grammar is something that is a MUST. I love your blog <3

  13. I love how you made it clear that this was what you personally looked for in a blog! Many times I see bloggers who try and dictate other bloggers to blog the way they like, but tpI'm glad this wasn't the case. :) I totally agree with the grammar thing, it's so distracting and doesn't help get the message across! This post was hilarious, as always. :')

    1. Also, Nice (you said to comment Nice for a blog design post, which would be so cool)!

  14. Everything you said I agreed with, well done Noor! I've nominated you for my new challenge, 'The Would You Rather Challenge' on my blog!

    What I look for in a blog:

    - A bright, fun design!
    Sometimes I look at someone's blog and no offense but the design almost makes me fall asleep!

    - interesting topics!

    Ughhhhhhhhh...I like to read blogs that are about everything! But some are just all about tags and challenges and when they finally do a post about a good topic, it's incredibly short and the writer has clearly rushed it!

    Clear writing!
    I can't stand when blogs have either huge writing in which we could barely see, or tiny witting which we could barely see! Make it small or medium and clear please!

    Don't post too much!!!
    This one really gets to me. Sometimes I'm on my computer, then I think, oooo let me go on this girls blog and see what she's done so far. And when I've opened the blog, there are more than 10 posts that I've missed! In my opinion, people should blog 1-3 days a week! Some people even publish more than 1 post a day!

    Neat work!!!
    Erm...Paragraphs please?!

    I'm sure there are more that I look for but that's all I can think of right now! An amazing post Noor!

  15. Nice! I could definitely use a blog design how-to; I'm not so great at that. Thank you for your advice, and as to what I look for in a blog: interesting content and good writing (including readability, grammar and just if the blogger can write well.) - Kiran,

  16. Nice!Nice!Nice!Nice!Nice!Nice!


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