HOW TO: Destress

Hello everyone! This post doesn't need an explanation, I'm just going to get into this.

Doctor's Note
Condition: Stress/Worry
Symptoms: Wanting to scream and just sleep all the time, so many thoughts on mind


So recently I've been very stressed and busy with everything that I need to give myself a break, so here a few things that I like to do to relax, enjoy :)


Take a bath and listen to music

This is so relaxing, just taking my mind off of everything and chilling in the bath tub, jamming out to some Fall Out Boy.

"Just let the problems go down the drain"- me


LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME READING ISN'T RELAXING. (maybe if it's for school or it's a hard book)

Grab a book and a drink and just lay in bed and read, it's one of my favorite things.

Vent to someone

When I feel stressed, I just grab my mom or dad or a friend and tell them all my problems, they're good listeners.

The person doesn't have to say anything back, you can just tell them whatever is on your mind. (Make sure you trust that person, of course)

Sometimes, I'll just scream into a pillow and that will work too.


Just escape all your problems and sleep, sleep away the worries. When you wake up, you'll probably feel much more refreshed and then you'll realize that you were worried and stressed out for nothing!

Repeat until symptoms are gone.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and that it helped you!

Don't forget, SBBC 2 just began so start reading!!

Mkay bye,


  1. I've never admitted this, but I feel like I'm stressed all the time about everything in daily life. Maybe I need to use your de-stressing tips more often x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. These are great tips Noor! When I feel stressed and angry, I just want to scream my head off! But, I can't lol. Too bad. I should really try these tips. Thanks!

    ~ Sarah : )
    * The Joys Of Life *

  3. Sweet tips! Recently I've been feeling the stress because I'm back to school, but you're absolutely right about reading - it's a great outlet. Unless you're reading a terrible book. I'm with you 100% on baths, though. :)

  4. These are such great tips, thank you for sharing! They're really helpful as I'm stressed out all the time ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Hi there Noor,

    Great post! I'd just like to say that I've started up a new blog called Unicorns, Narwhals and Me (

    It would make my day if you could check it out sometime.

    - Ines

  6. I get stressed out so easily-- last night, I wouldn't allow myself to watch Mockingjay and eat two servings of ice cream because my grandma wanted me to print something out and the printer was connecting. It bothers me to bits! I'm a mix of a night/morning person, so sleep doesn't help... But usually music does (and in my mind I may or may not pretend to sing to it like it's a huge musical because my brain just functions like that).

    xoxo Morning

  7. That's an amazing peice of writting. I've just had a bath and listend to music and that's already made me feel much better!

  8. This was great advice Noor, I get stressed a lot!


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