DIY Valentine's Day Room Decor

Hello everyone!! Annddddd it begins. The weeks of Valentine's Day. For all you anti-love people, I am advising you to X out of this post. But don't frown, I have a special anti-Valentine's Day post coming up soon. Also, thank you for all for the amazing comments on my last post, you are amazing!!! Let's get into this post.

For this DIY I am going be showing you 3 different ways to decorating with one simple procedure.


So basically, we will be cutting hearts.

Grab a piece of paper and scissors

Fold your paper and cut out half a heart
Unfold and you have a heart. Now let's see how we can turn this simple heart into something amazing.
Heart Wall Collage
For this DIY, all you need are a bunch of hearts and tape. I arranged all the hearts on my door and it made this super cute heart collage. You can arrange them however you want. You can even make the hearts into one big heart!!
Hearts For String Lights
These days, a lot of people have string lights in their rooms. I decided that it would be cool to attach hearts to them! All you need to do is cut little rectangular boxes out of the heart and sliding them onto the lights.
TIP: The slits shouldn't be so big!
Slide through like so
Heart cutout wall art
Okay, so you have all of these cutout hearts...what do you do with the scraps? Turn them into cute wall art of course. I taped mine to my wall and it looks very nice.

Welp, I hope you enjoyed and be sure to use the hashtag #sunshinediy if you do any of these! Leave a comment down below sharing what you would like to see on the blog :)
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  1. These all look lovely! I'm going to have to try putting hearts on my fairy lights ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. Thanks Amy! Be sure to send me pictures :)

  2. I really love the idea of using the heart cut outs with the lights. That's so pretty.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Aw thanks Carmen. They look really pretty at night :D

  3. You sure know how to upcycle! :D

    xoxo Morning

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  6. Oh Noor, Noor, Noor, Noor.

    You're just like all of them...

    I just ditched all my other fave blogs to come on to yours a month or so ago. Why? Because of ads. Ads. Bloggers shouldn't blog for money, at least any good blogger shouldn't. I thought you blogged because you liked it. Obviously, you're just like them!

    I'm sorry to say this but, why?

    From Lola Herbert, 15

    1. Oh Lola, it appears you have been mistaken. I don't blog for money, no no. I put the ads to get a bit more money doing something I love. I don't care if I don't earn money. I blog for you! I blog for me. I do blog because I like it. I think it is not fair to automatically decide that once someone puts up ads, they don't like blogging and that they blog for money. I hope you understand now and that you are actually reading this comment. :P

    2. Yep, I read it and, ok, I understand. My hobby is swimming, if I could earn a bit of cash whilst doing it then, great!

    3. But one other thing, why can't you choose appropriate ones? I've seen hairy legs, driving and buy house, you're 10 aren't you?!?!

    4. Oh yeah, I've seen that too. I can't really control that. It sucks. :/

  7. These look amazing. So cute :-)

  8. Aw thank you Ananka, I am so glad you liked them.



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