washington dc: a travel log in bad iphone photos


A few days (hours..) ago I went to D.C AND HAD A BLAST. IT IS SO SO PRETTY. Even in the fall. AND IT'S WARM. ah. i loved it.

We went to a few museums (which were all free?) and had tons of amazing food, and I took so many pictures.. so many pictures. I wasn't actually planning on posting this, but sadly, I don't have time for anything else, so enjoy!

All of these were taken at the Smithsonian American Indian Museum :) I found it interesting how the official name of the museum was American Indian, when they weren't actually Indians...

The second one is actually a recreation of the Mayan calendar! Their method of time and calculating the date was magnificent, complex, but so interesting. 

The entire museum was so calming :P, they had pleasant music playing and the ceiling was covered in constellations.


The second museum we went to was the National Air and Space Museum! It was actually more air vs space :P

The second photo was the ACTUAL first plane that the Wright brothers created! Those guys had guts. I would never fly a strange flying vehicle that would almost certainly plummet me to my death.

The third photo is a scale model of our coveted solar system! The sun is so massive that a model of it to that scale wouldn't have fit in the entire exhibit and it would have taken up almost the entire museum. TERRIFYING. 

These are some quick little snapshots of buildings nearby!

The first and second are ones of the National Art Gallery, which we actually visited, and the third is of the Capitol, which is actually super freaking gorgeous.

Also the sky was so blue that day?!?!? CLOUDS BEGONE.

Some of my favorite works of art from the gallery :P

The first one is a Monet, and the third one is probably my favorite because of the insane colors. Sculptures like the second one always amaze me because how the heck do you form such good detail out of stone or copper or whatever. TRUE TALENT. AH.

Not only was the art beautiful, but the displays and fountains they had were stunning :P 

The painting is by Van Gogh, and my dad told me I had to take a picture of it. I think he even took a selfie with it... relatable.

The final place that we visited was the Holocaust museum, which was completely eye opening, and full of information.

The first picture was part of a display that included every single photo ever taken of a Holocaust victim. We were on the second floor when this was taken, so it extends all the way down, and covers all four walls.

The second picture is of a tribute to Anne Frank, and it included excerpts to her diary. We noticed a few people crying around the exhibit, overwhelmed by how young she was when she died, but how much she was able to understand about what was going on around her :(

The third picture is a collection of drawings by children preserved from one of the ghettos that they kept the Jews in. Most of the drawings had nothing to do with the situations, but they did include parallels to the Holocaust. 

Many of the walls and floors that we saw/walked on were castings or actual parts of walls and floors from the Holocaust. The first two pictures are of the cobblestones that mimicked the ones from the ghettos. They were difficult to walk on, as some were elevated, and some were not/

The third picture was a collection of bricks from the Warsaw ghetto pieced together to form a wall. 

Have you ever been to Washington D.C? What's the BEST museum you have ever been to? What is your FAVORITE planet? AND how was your November?

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE!! And I apologize for the terrible photos, my parents wouldn't let me bring my DSLR camera :P 

peace out y'all,


  1. This trip looks like so much fun! and the iPhone pictures aren't that bad! The holocaust is so interesting, it's so sad but there are so many stories and everything. I want to visit.
    Simply Me

  2. OMG THE HOLOCAUST MUSEUM THO. I wish I could go there some day.
    Eh your photos weren't that bad XD

    you have a lovely blog girl <3


  3. Shut up with your 'bad iPhone pictures', they look really good!
    I've never been to DC. In fact, I haven't been to the East Coast in well over ten years... I should go there. My favorite museum of the ones in this post would be the Native American one. I wrote an enormous paper on the integration of Native Americans when I was in high school and their tribes have a special place in my heart.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  4. The photos aren't bad! And nope I've never been to DC, but I think i'd definitely like to - museums aren't normally my kinda thing, but these all look so interesting!

    My November was okay - seemed to go by quickly and I spent most of my time writing, or stalking how you were doing on NaNo (you did amazing btw!) but yah.. I am SO excited for Christmas!

    Lexie x


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