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Hello everyone! I realized that I haven't done a "favorites" post in a while, but this isn't exactly a favorites post, more like things I'm obsessed with. (there will be ranting, there will be fangirling, and you have been w a r n e d)

pokemon go // Pokemon GO came out on the 6th in the U.S and I've been playing it non stop. I'm only allowed to go outside by myself a couple times a day and my parents don't want to come with me on walks if I'm constantly trying to catch a Scyther so I'm only on level 6 but *shrugs* IT'S FUN.

I've always been a Pokemon fan since I was like 5 when I would watch the anime before school so this is so fun for me. Of course I usually only come across Pidgeys (i catch them for pidgeot) and Zubats but hey, maybe I'll get more in the future.

i gotta catch em all.

reading/writing fanfic // Before like 2 weeks ago, I was never really a fanfiction person, I could never get into reading it. And I could barely write it. But nowadays, I've been really trying to write fanfic and for Camp NaNo (which is going pretty bumpy right now) I'm writing this really exciting Harry Potter fanfic. (I might post it here, maybe not, maybe after I edit it)

But reading fanfic is always a fun ride, especially for Harry Potter since I can never get enough of it. By fun, I mean sad and bumpy or like flailing. 

taking walks// This is mainly because of Pokemon Go tbh but I've learned to appreciate nature while walking. I've taken some really nice pictures, even if they're with my phone. I've explored new spots while walking around (looking for rare pokemon) and just been happier outside. 

I'm always stuffed in the house and going outside for an hour each day really gave me a breather, I recommend it honestly (it's not hard either :P)

sleeping late // I guess this is more of an unhealthy obsession, yet an obsession nonetheless. I've been sleeping 12 AM-3 AM and man is it fun. I can do whatever I want and have my own little party in my room with my computer.

However, since it is so late, when I try to sleep, I'm hit with horror and scary thoughts that make it impossible for it to sleep until an hour later. (last night I put on the Pokemon anime to help me sleep)

I've really been trying hard to plan more better posts, so I promise I will be back to koala tea posts again, soon. 

What things have you been obsessing over? Maybe we can obsess over them together :D

Thanks for reading,

(i have no clue why my pictures aren't centering, help)


  1. I know exactly what you mean about Pokemon Go! My Dad got it and was playing it with me, and I'm going to ask if I can get it. But it's SO fun! :)

  2. Pokemon Go is so addicting! It's really fun too. ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. i know right! i can finally be the pokemon master i've always dreamed of being :o

  3. WE CAN GET THROUGH CAMP TOGETHER. Seriously, I was doing pretty well and then....idk. I just ran out of drive and now I'm sitting here all like "I should write, but really. Tumblr...."

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  4. Good luck with your Harry Potter fic! I really hope NaNo goes well for you. I've never done it myself ('cause I'm a scaredy cat who doesn't want to fail), but I'd love to hear more about it (if you want to post about it, that is. I have to stop with these brackets...)

  5. I love fanfiction! It's part of what got me writing seriously actually. Right now, I'm really into Star Wars and Hamilton, though I actually have a Harry Potter fanfic that's been simmering my head for a while too.

    Hope Camp NaNo goes well for you, and thanks for commenting on my blog!


  6. It looks like we're obsessed with the same things right now: long walks, Pokemon Go and sleeping late. I'm trying to get into reading and writing because I used to love it but now I'm not so sure. Either way, Pokemon Go is really getting me out of the house more and it's great!!!! Good luck with reaching the next level and hopefully claiming a gym one day. Here's to not getting as many zubats because I swear they're freaking everywhere.

    The Life of Little Me

  7. I want to get Pokemon Go so bad, but because my phone is ancient, I can't download it until September. *cries* Keep going with Camp NaNo! I'm literally painfully behind because I've been studying for my online gym course final and I write like, 3K a day which means a chapter typing ratio of 1:2 (utterly annoying) but the end product keeps me going... although I will admit I guilting myself to finish, since three of my best friends are beta reading before the school term begins.

    xoxo Morning


  8. I'm not really obsessing over most of the things your obsessing over, but the one thing we have in common is reading. I have been reading so much lately, and obsessing over characters and all the book feels :-)
    I hope Nano goes well for you :-)

  9. Pokemon Go obviously.
    Im not addicted like everyone else. because Im really selfish with using my data. and I hate being on my phone a lot. but I do enjoy playing it. and I love the community it fosters. I can honestly talk to anyone about it and its great :)

  10. POKEMON GO. I'm more or less obsessed. I've been taking more walks because of the app too and that totally compensates for the time I take watching YouTube, right? XD And I have to ask: what team are you on? I'm on Instinct!

    I've always been a fanfic person. I wrote them before I even knew the correct term! I'm glad that more people are getting into it now! Good luck with Camp Nano! :)

  11. Sleeping late has definitely been my obsession.


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