The Sunday Sunshine #2

Hello everyone! I'm not one to do recap posts, but I realized that I haven't done a Sunday Sunshine since literally October. Why not throw one out there? Let's see what I've been up to this week :)

This Week I Posted

(not much)

Into My Life

-I turned twelve, as some of you may know as I did a post on it. I just had some friends over but we had a terrific time, and had a great cake as well :D

-I went to the Syracuse Mall with the same friends. It's HUGE. They have a mini amusement park inside, it's insane. They have every single store imaginable. Of course, nothing beats NYC ;)

-It was spring break! Although I pretty much did nothing but be sick and play Sims. 

-I got the Sims 4, which has been the highlight of my week even though 75% of my time on the game is rebuilding my house. (They get better every time, trust me)

-I've been also trying to get in a lot of reading, which hasn't worked well since I've been getting distracted. I still have a grand total of 3 books to read before the end of the month to reach my goal. Hooray. 

On Social Media

Goodreads: Haven't been very active on Goodreads lately but here is a list of books that I've recently added that I'd really like to read. 

Lady Midnight - CASSANDRA CLARE. need I say more? I just picked this up at the bookstore and I'm excited to hopefully not be annoyed by Emma Carstairs..

Siege and Storm - I just finished Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo yesterday and I need to start devouring this one. The ending of Shadow and Bone was somewhat confusing so I NEED MORE. 

Pinterest: I have been super active on Pinterest lately. Especially with my Bedrooms board. Yeesh. 
Here are some of my favorite pins from the week!

I love this bedroom because I've just always dreamed of a bed surrounded by plants. 

okay but. 

LLOOK AT THIS bEaN. lOOK At hIM. *jumps into the sun* 

i think another random picture roundup is due. 

Blogging Buzz

-I am super close to my goal of the month which is 145 GFC followers *dances*

-I'm also this close to throwing myself out of my chair because I can't think of any post ideas like this one was a last resort. help.

-I haven't been very active this week so once again, I don't have a list of favorite blog posts. Let's just say I loved all of your blog posts, which I probably did so *dances faster*

alrighty everyone, hoped you enjoyed!

What's been happening with you this week? Highlights, downsides? Let me know! Oh yeah, have a wonderful next week, in case you don't stop by again soon ;) (which you should... i'm gonna go bye)

Thanks for reading,


  1. Awesome post Noor! I hope you get some more idea's :) Congrats on getting close to your goal!

  2. I loved reading this post! I've been struggling with my fantasy WIP because I WANT TO EDIT IT SO BAD AND I'M TORN BETWEEN EDITING OR JUST MOVING ON BUT I CAN'T FEEL LIKE I CAN MOVE ON UNTIL I EDIT BUT I DON'T WANT TO EDIT IT BC IT'S NOT VERY GOOD do you see my problem.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

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  4. This is a very lovely post. That bedroom is BEAUTIFUL!! I wish my room looked that nice... I am running out of post ideas as well, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THE FEELING GIRLIE! I think the highlight of my week was reconnecting with my friends after spring break. It was only a week, but it felt like months! The downside of my week is that my grandma is in ICU at the hospital. She's not doing very well and none of the doctors seem to know what's wrong...Other then that though, it was a pretty chill week.

  5. accessories where the bed is located was interested. I thought to myself such a decoration. You have to enjoy the beautiful. I will follow the blog of. a fellow blogger from Istanbul-Turkey.


    A picture post sounds like fun. :)

    Also, I hope you're feeling better now. Being sick, especially over break is no fun. :/

  7. I really enjoyed this recap post, especially the "Into My Life" section- I always think it's really fun to learn about different bloggers' real lives :-)
    Congrats on almost reaching your follower goal :-)
    I noticed Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight on your TBR for this month. READ THOSE! THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES IS AMAZING!
    -Jollygirl @ Reflections of a Jolly Girl

  8. This is such a great post! I've run out of blog post ideas lately, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  9. I love the Sunday Sunshine! I find it really fun and interesting to read. That's just my thoughts on it.


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