my idol is a hero

my idol is a hero.
he has survived, the worst.
he has survived himself.

he has saved others.
maybe not physically.
but he has saved others from themselves.
just like he did for himself.

he is not some "emo freak"
he has saved me.
he is a hero.
and you have no right to call him that,

his music, his life, has inspired us.
he got back when he was down.

he's done things that your idol has,
maybe not in the same way, but he has.

i don't love him because he's "hot"
or because he's in a band, a celebrity.

i love him for who he is, just the way he is.
he doesn't know me, but i bet he loves me too.
he's like my best friend, but hero version.

you probably don't know who my idol is.
that's okay, what matters is what he's done. and who he is.
because he's my hero, but he doesn't have to be yours :)


find your hero, someone who you look up to.
even if they are a celebrity,
they can do so much for you.


This is totally mushy and I apologize for being so mushy but i needed to do this. Some girls were teasing me for liking Pete Wentz so much. He's my hero, and I love him, so who are others to judge?

Who's your idol and why? Also, do you like the new design? ;)

Thanks for reading,


  1. Selena Gomez, JUST CUZ SHE IS AMAZE-BALLS!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your new design, but I like the other one better, your old one.

    Oh, and I'm first comment, I'm famous!!!!! Yay!!!!!

    A Joyful Corner

    1. I love her music, Revival is a great album <3

      And thank you! aw, I'm sure you'll get used to this one ;)

  2. Gerard Way has been my idol for a while. He helped me get over a lot of my appearance insecurities and taught me that being a little bit different and dreaming big is something not to be ashamed of. I love that quirky little man to death.
    I love that you wrote this. Definitely something that needed to be said. ^_^
    xx a

    1. Gerard is amazing, I love his personality and how much fun he has with everything. He's so inspiring and I just love watching all the old speeches he made at concerts <3

      Thank you for your sweet comments Adaline, they always make my day :)

  3. Huh, you too are also writing poetry lately! :) Some of my role models are Emma Watson and J.K. Rowling because Harry Potter women know how to kick butt. :P

    xoxo Morning

    1. I've found myself running through emotions lately, so loads of poetry have been popping up.

      And TRUE. Emma is just such a great person and well J.K Rowling is fabulous as is ^.^

  4. My idol.... hmmm probably Courtney Barnett, because she has taught me anything is possible and to put a positive spin on things and she can make anything funny. Nobody should be teasing you about who you like, because they're not you! This was a great post <3

    Rose :3

    1. I've never heard of her, but she sounds like a wonderful person, just based off of what she's done for you. It's so great that you've found your idol, it's great to have someone to look up to <3


  5. My idol: The main singer of All Time Low (I think his name is Alex or something...). It's just his voice is amazing and sometimes his/ ATL's music just helps me when I feel like I want to throw my phone/ camera across the room. BACKSEAT SERENADE, DIZZY HURRICANE..... (one of their songs, called Backseat Serenade.) :)

    Aw, it's OK, I've been teased about liking "Boy Bands" (FOB, ATL, etc. Though they aren't boy bands.), so we can struggle together. :)


    1. ALEX GASKARTH IS MY EVERYTHING I LOVE HIM. ATL is everything i just.

      And yes true! If someone called any of my bands a boy band, I would not hesitate to punch them in the face. :P

  6. This is so true and awesome! Also I like the new design :)

    1. Thank you Nabila, I'm glad you enjoyed <3

  7. Aww this is so cute <3 You should never be ashamed or that you have to hide your heroes. I love Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling, and pretty much everyone else related to Harry Potter.

  8. I feel you! I go to an Islamic school, and some people don't listen to music there, but then again, some of them do, and the boys who don't like to tease me for liking Selena Gomez, and other singers, like Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. It's so annoying.

    - A Joyful Corner

  9. This is so sweet, I hate when people make fun of people for liking or being inspired by someone. You're awesome!

  10. My idol is (for writing) Rick Riordan. He is just amazing at writing... plus he is funny. I was inspired to become an author because of him!!

    Another idol of mine would be Taylor Swift. She is amazing and does so many inspirational things. I can't talk about her for long without ranting on and on about her XD.

    Also... your new design on fabulous!! I love it!

    -Lauryn (

  11. Beyonce is my absolute fave! Some call it mainstream but it is impossible to deny that she is an amazingly talented woman!

    Noire Beau


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