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I suppose being a year older is flipping the next page, the next era, no. It's the same thing, except you're just a little older, but you feel the same as you did yesterday, just a little older.

They show us that growing up is a great thing, and all the things you can do when you grow up. What if I don't want to? What if I want to stay 11, and never turn 12?

But age is honestly just an extra number, added on to the number you already have. It doesn't define you, what you do, it's just a number. And if you wanted to, you could forget all about that number, and live your life just freely.

With a growing age, comes more responsibilities, that fact is true. But with growing age, new opportunities arise as well. And no one is stopping you from not acting your age now and then, no matter how old you get, no matter how many birthdays have gone by.

I've turned twelve today, said goodbye to eleven, that year is long gone in the wind. But this new year of life could be different. I can't dwell on in eleven forever, it is my past, and twelve is my future.

Being twelve might not be anything special, but it is a chance for new things and new ways to grow, so welcome twelve year old me, hope you enjoy your stay.

Twelve is my last year of being a child before I become a teenager, so I might as well make it worthwhile.

13 Things I Want To Do Before I'm 13

1) Do the color run, or some other athletic fundraising thing. 
2) Try three foods that I've never tried before. 
3) Camp out in the backyard. 
4) Before my birthday, make it a habit to tell everyone I'm still a kid. 
5) Actually try and invent a language. 
6) Bike all around my neighborhood 
7) Find the friends I want to keep throughout my teenage years.
8) Have a great last half of 7th grade and early half of 8th grade.
9) Buy my parents something nice for MY birthday instead. 
10) Go on a road trip with some of my friends. 
11) Try at least five things on my crafts Pinterest board.
12) Bake loads of things.
13) Dance in the rain. 

Hello everyone! I turned 12 today, hooray. I hear that 12 is the cringe era of life, but I'm looking forward to making sure it's not cringe. 

Last year, I did a little event but this year I'm just going to leave you off with this happy little piece. Maybe I'll do something more special for thirteen <3

I hope you guys enjoyed and thanks for sticking with me :D

Thanks for reading,


  1. Ahaha Noor, I was just on your blog and then I refreshed and this post popped up yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL YES NOW I FEEL YOUNG! This was acc really inspirational too <3

  2. Happy birthday Noor!! ^-^
    my 12 year old self was admittedly pretty cringe, but you're a 100000x more mature then i was then, so i think you'll be just fine. xD
    have a lovely day + eat lots of cake, love!! (or ice cream/whatever else you like)
    xx a

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *shoves a dozen tacos in your hand*

    I'm still 11 so I don't really know what to say haha. But still, eat all my tacos and some chocolate ice cream for me. :)


  4. Happy b-day gurl!!! I love your blog!!! <3 Love you (did that sound creepy? Sorry, being a maniac has it'd disadvantages.)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOOR!! *Gives you a piece of cake* Now we are the same age! :P


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALMOST-BIRTHDAY-BUDDY! *aggressively showers you with confetti* Twelve was fun. I liked twelve. And like Adi said, you're a ton more mature than like all of us were at twelve, so it'll probably be awesome for you. <3
    Those all sound like awesome things to do! I've been slowly developing a language over the past few years, and I can say that if you have at least a semi-good grip of any foreign language it'll be a great help. Not so much in terms of making up words - that's easy - but developing grammar. Figuring out grammar for my Elvish has been a LOT easier since I started taking German and have been learning a lot of German grammar stuff.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  8. Happy Birthday! And the 13 things you want to do all sound amazing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  9. Happy birthday! I hope you are able to do everything on your list. For the record, camping out in your backyard is super fun, especially if you are able to do it with a bunch of friends.

    Bridgette|A Bit of This and That

  10. Happy birthday, Noor! :D May all of your birthday wishes come true and I hope your 12th year is one of your best yet. <3

  11. I'm thirteen now, and I remember being really concerned when I turned twelve- I was so worries that it was my last year of being a kid, that soon I couldn't do the things I love to do, that I'd have to change my habits to be a teenager. It's not that much of a difference, though. Happy birthday Noor.

  12. Happy Birthday Noor! *throws confetti and cake and a present* I'm still 11. Hope you complete all your 13 things :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  13. You're in 7th grade but you just turned 12? I turned 12 in January, but I'm only in 6th grade. Did you skip a grade?????

    1. Yes I did :) I skipped half of second grade :)

    2. That's impressive:0happy b-day:)

    3. so u skipped the second half of second grade, and the first half of third grade? That is so cool!

  14. Happy 12th Birthday, Noor!

    P.S. Your writing is extraordinary for only being a kid! ;)

    Sarah || blissandliveliness.blogspot.com

  15. Happy Birthday Noor!! Enjoy kiddom while you have it, but don't worry, being a teenager is really just like a kid extension :) Have a special day, week, month, year, life!


    Yes, yes, yes, please enjoy being twelve. My twelveth year of being alive (which is the most weirdest way of putting it) was one of the best years of my life-- you start branching out into the grown up world, but at the same time, you're still a kid. Bascically, it's the balancing point between freedom (childhood) and responsibility (adulthood), as usually you can only lean towards one of the extremes. Once you're thirteen, more responsibilities just pile up. Hope the day goes well (and I'll probably email you again, tomorrow)!

    xoxo Morning

  17. Happy 12th birthday! i'm turning 12 soon (may) and i'm excited!

  18. YOU'RE 12? DUDE I THOUGHT YOU WERE WAY OLDER THAN THAT. your talent is amazing!!!!!! anyway, this post made me really happy. and your bucket list for before 13 was the best thing ever. enjoy this year!!!!!! xx
    ps I'm 16 and I definitely still consider myself a kid ;)

  19. There are no worries, Noor. Being a teenager is pretty much like what Vivian said, an extension of being a kid.
    Your bucket list looks amazing, and I hope you complete everything on it. :)
    ~ Suzh

  20. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!! Hope you had an awesome day. Wishing you an amazing year of being 12!! Enjoy all of the little moments and hold onto them. :)

  21. Turning 16 this year. I am utterly bricking it!

  22. Happy Birthday! I love your blog! I read it all the time.
    I just turned 13 and I'd say 12 was pretty fun. I hope you have a great birthday!

  23. Oh wow I turned 13 9 years ago, I can't even remember it. Make lots of memories.

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    'Want to Detox, Why Not Try TeaTox*?'

  24. Happy late b-day, hope you have a great b-day and *fist pup* and how you have a great year being 12:)

  25. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to Noor,
    Happy birthday to you!
    Hip hip,
    Hip hip,
    Hip hip,
    -In conclusion, a HUGE happy birthday from all your readers.

  26. Happy Birthday Noor! I know so many people with birthdays in March! I hope you have a great time.

    xxx Rose

  27. Happy Birthday! I feel old now, but my younger sister just turned thirteen.

  28. This is so cute and relatable! I'm 15 now, but in February (my birthday month haha) I remember going through this whole identity crisis because I was turning 15 and 15 seemed like such a huge number and technically I can do Driver's Ed where I live which is scary. I think I just came to terms with the fact that adding on a year every birthday really has nothing to do with the things I'm doing/achieving and everyone's roadmap is different.

    Happy late birthday! I hope you have a great year and end up completing your list :). Also, you have a really sweet blog and I'm looking forward to your upcoming content!



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