Birthday Wishlist

Hello everyone! Okay okay I know what you are gonna say "Noor! A wishlist? How unoriginal! I thought you were different!" OKAY CHILL. I have been in a slight bloggers block lately. HELP ME! So I decided to do a birthday wishlist even though my birthday is like 15 days away. Give me some post ideas in the comments below!


1. Instax Mini Film
I just got an Instax Mini 8! (Review coming soon :D) Yay! But... I only got a pack of film (containing 10 sheets) So I need more! This pink dot film is so cute, but I also like the rainbow and confetti!

2. "Hug Me" throw pillow
This throw pillow is so cute and I love the "Hug Me". I don't NEED it but it looks nice! (Although, it could use some decorating....hmmm)

3. Converse shoes
I've been wanting Converse forever! Plus, my shoes are like a size 5 US Women's and now I am size 7 US Women's so I barely fit into them. ALSO, these shoes are black so they will go with everything!

4. Harry Potter/Doctor Who T-Shirt
CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THIS SHIRT. IT IS PERFECTION I WANT NO NEED IT. okay rant over. If you need a better look, click the link! I lovveeee this shirt (if you haven't noticed)

5. Writing ideas book
This book is awesome! It has like 600+ ideas for writing and it will help me fill my old writing journals! I can already tell I'm going to love it (that is, if I get it.)

6. "The Fandom Chooses The Fangirl" phone case
ANOTHER FABULOUS THING. I love the Harry Potter reference and the floral background is so pretty!

I hope you enjoyed this little post! I did something similar to this before and you guys really enjoyed it! Don't forget to vote in the poll and please give me some post ideas in the comments! 

What are some things you want?

Mkay bye,


  1. I remember longing after converse! And what a coincedence--I got them for my birthday last year! :O But omg you have big feet >_< haha okay not really :P but at least compared to mine--I can barely fit a size five women's shoe! >_< Hahaha anyway, omg I love that throw pillow! And that phone case! ^^ I hope you get that stuff, it all looks super awesome! :D

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Wow awesome! Lol, I know its weird! Trust me, I know a 7th grader who's a size 2. Thanks for the sweet comment O!

  2. Converse sneakers are definitely on my list!

    A few others would include a ukulele...

    Mumford & Sons newest album (releasing May 4!)

    Horse back riding lessons

    Annnd...that's kind of it for now. :P


    a vapor in the wind

    1. Cool! I've always wanted a ukulele but I don't think I would ever learn how to play it :P.

    2. I know how you can get a free horse back riding lesson. Of course I pay for my lessons but.. Oh well. Someone I know volunteers at the riding stables and instead of money she gets free lessons. You should try it.

  3. I really liked this post, Noor :) :) :) It was fun to read, and I would love all these things too!

    Maybe... you could... do a post about... oh! I know!
    I like writing Lately posts; you've probably seen one before, if not, there's one on my Blog!! :)

    Also 50 facts about me posts are cool...

    And posts about Blogs you like/have been reading.

    And rants about things you hate (Radiance does a lot of those... :D).

    You could do a post on your favourites (song, colour, blog, movie, TV show etc. etc.), or a monthly favourites.

    You could also do a post of you decorating that HUG ME pillow if you get it!

    I don't know if any of these were good ideas... I have more, though!! :) BTW, who was the winner of the Pen Pal contest?? I can't seem to find a post announcing it... (or maybe you already contacted the person :D)

    Bye for now!
    Amelie // Contented Perfectionist (

    1. Aw thank you Amelie! These are all fantabulous ideas! I will be announcing the winner next post :D

    2. Yeah it's pretty exciting!

  4. "The Fandom Chooses the Fangirl" describes one of my friends exactly. She'd love the list that you put up-- especially the Harry Potter/Doctor Who shirt. FANGIRLS!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Haha! FANGIRLS! Your friend and I have a lot in common!

  5. I <3 the hug me cushion!

    I have the 642 things to write about, very good and a recommend it (although some of it is grown up, mature relationship stuff)!

    - Lexie

    1. Thanks Lexie! I'll try to skip past that stuff when I get the book :D

  6. Great wishlist! I love the pillow and converses! Ihad the same problem happen to me too, Noor!


    1. Thanks so much June! Isn't it hard to get rid of? Ugh, I hate bloggers block.

  7. That cushion is so cute! And that notebook, well, I have notebook envy already. I am a notebook collector, though I never have the courage to actually make beautiful books like those messy with my terrible speed handwriting. I'm sorry to hear you have bloggers block. That's never a good feeling. Hopefully the blogging muse sends you loads of inspiration soon!

  8. Thank you! I will go follow your blog now :)

  9. These all look lovely! I especially like the pillow and the shirt ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections


  10. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Harry Potter Phone Covers


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