Two Short Poems/When D Strikes Chapter 6

Hello everyone! I have 2 short poems for you and then I will be sharing one chapter of Chelsea!

Where Is Winter
In January it was fine. But then it wouldn't leave.
February, even more snow, is it time for spring yet?
First day of March, the snow came falling down.
Okay it's almost April, Persephone, it's time to come back up.

Raindrops on The Roof
Drip drip drip
Steady like a heartbeat
Falling, falling.
Ever so quietly
Thump, thump
The raindrops on my roof.

When D Strikes/Chapter 6

Chelsea ran down to Main Street, looking for the Dreslin Diner. She was out of breath, and very nervous. Negative thoughts swam through her head.

Once she found it, she walked right it and to the counter. A waitress came and looked at her with wide eyes.

"Are you..Chelsea?" she asked. Chelsea nodded silently, wondering how the waitress knew her. "Come right this way, don't say a word. Take the papers and go to the alley. Orders from D."

Chelsea nodded again and followed the waitress. The diner was small, but packed like sardines. When they arrived at the table, she saw a bunch of papers in a small packet.

"Is D going to be meeting me here?" Chelsea asked quietly.

"Shh, D's orders, you can't speak until you get to the alley. And no, not here. Take the papers and follow me." the waitress said strictly.

Once again, Chelsea followed the waitress outside the back door into a narrow alley. Outside, was a person dressed in all black.

"Where's my cash? I brought her here." the waitress yelled at the person, with her hands on her hips.

"Behind the door, in that brown briefcase. Now shut up and go back to your job." the person said in a deep voice, which Chelsea was assuming, wasn't the person's real voice. He looked  like a boy, Chelsea's age."You, Chelsea, come here. Let's get to work. Follow me."

The person lead Chelsea into a dark building. He gestured for Chelsea to come into a small room. Chelsea's eyes widened when she saw what was in the room.

"Cassie, Dani, what are you-" She was interrupted when the boy covered her mouth with a scarf.

I hope you enjoyed that chapter, and look out for a DIY coming soon!

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  1. so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. your story is so cool i can't wait for the next chapter. Thought i told you already that the next chapter of Heal is now out you must of not seen it. Please read it and comment thanks


    1. I'll go check it out now! Thanks for commenting.

  3. <3 the D strikes chapter, cannot wait for the next part!!!!!

    The poems are amazing as well, my favourite is definitely the Raindrops On The Roof poem, although the other is great too!

    1. Thanks Lexie, I'm so happy you enjoyed!!

  4. Thanks!! I just commented on your blog.

  5. Wow. Just, wow, darling. I love this. ;)
    Can't wait for the next chapter!
    ^_^ cliffhanger! lol :)

  6. What lovely poems! And I love the story, it's getting really exciting ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  7. Oooh, stuff just got real! :D Who's the guy?

    xoxo Morning


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