Pet Peeves

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be sharing my biggest Pet Peeves! Now you will know what makes me cringe. Fantabulous. Let's get into this ruler-dropping, bad grammar filled post, shall we? (Also, please don't be offended by this, it's my opinion!)

When people drop those metal rulers

CLANG! What's that, yeah a metal ruler, but also my ears exploding! We use these rulers in art and whenever someone drops one, I want to pick it up AND CRUSH THEIR LITTLE HEADS WITH IT. Okay not really but I think my classmates have found out and are using it against me.

Bad grammar/spelling

It's not there, it's their! Sorry to be one of those people but, c'mon. I've never used 'u' as a shortcut of 'you'. IT'S THREE LETTERS.

When someone can't take a hint to stop talking

So I'm sitting here in Math while this person is sitting next to me jabbering away about how awesome her weekend was and I go "We better get to work." and face my paper. SHE KEEPS TALKING. Like, take a hint, we're going to get in trouble.

When someone damages my book

Yeah, you can totally borrow my book! Just make sure it stays safe. *returns book looking like it went to China underground and back* WHAT DID YOU DO. Remind me to never lend books to anyone.

Okay so those are my pet peeves! I do hope you enjoyed and tell me if you want to see more of these hate posts. Yeah that sounded awful.

Mkay bye,


  1. This is so funny! I know what you mean about the grammar thing, and it really bothers me when I see full-grown adults using "there" instead of "their"! Did you know that March 8th was International Women's Day? I wrote a post about it!

    1. Thank you! I hate that too! Also, your and you're, oh my goodness. I'll check it out, I'm sure it's great.

  2. Wow! Bad grammer is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves😡😡!!

  3. Oh metal rulers....and book damages. You are not alone. -Bethany!

  4. I totally know what you mean about people who won't stop talking. I also know that I can be that person sometimes...hahaha ;)

  5. Hahaha ! Lol I lent my friend my book and she returned it covered in little chocolate stains and the book was slimy.......

  6. Those two annoy me, too! I absolutely hate open doors-- just physical ones. It's weird.

    xoxo Morning

  7. That last one is so annoying! Like, my books are my treasures! People can't ruin them :(

  8. Metal tongs are worse than rulers try dropping those xD
    I don't get people using 'k' instead of 'ok' :P

  9. I totally understand the you shortening. I used to always do that but now, whenever I see someone do that in a text or a comment, I just cringe. Another one I absolutely hate is door slamming! It's like the ruler thing but worse because it happens EVERYWHERE

    The Life of Little Me

  10. Another pet peeve is
    "Did you study for the test? Cause I didn't study anyythingggg"
    *scores 100%*
    .__. like bro? whut?
    And I totally agree with the grammar and ruining-books thing. I tend to let grammar slide most of the time cause it's usually the person's second language ^^.

  11. METAL RULERS THO *intense screaming* Gah, I am so GLAD I am homeschooled now so I don't have to fool with those metal rulers. And the book thing? Yeah, I never have and never WILL lend people a book. I'm not a walking, breathing library. :P

  12. Thanks for sharing, Noor! This was a good laugh.

    Remind me to never ask to borrow one of your books. ;)

    Bad grammar is a big pet peeve of mine too. I text with correct punctuation, capitilzation, etc . Hehe, yeah...


    a vapor in the wind

  13. I love reading other people's pet peeves. I usually have the same ones, or I'm the person who annoys them.

  14. BAD GRAMMAR oh my goodness!!!! Hate it. I loved this post :)


  15. Haha I loved this post! I agree with all of these ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  16. When people don't stop talking. My gosh. I try to ignore them they're just right in my ear. Sigh.

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