Chelsea's Story/When D Strikes Chapters 4 and 5

Hello everyone! I have finally thought of a name for "Chelsea's Story'. I'm calling it "When D Strikes"! So here are the next two chapters of When D Strikes:

Chapter 4

Chelsea ran as fast as she could down the street. She burst through the door and hurried upstairs.

“What’s up honey? Why are you in such a hurry? And what’s in your hand? I don’t remember you bringing any money?” Chelsea’s mom asked, puzzled.

“Not now Mom, I’m kinda busy.” Chelsea yelled.

“I can see that.” Chelsea’s mom muttered under her breath. Chelsea jumped onto her soft, pink bed and pulled out her phone.

She opened up the text and read it over again.

Who is this? How did they get my number? How do they know who I am? she thought reading the mysterious message over and over again. Chelsea hit the reply button and started typing:

What do you want? Who are you? How much do you know? Chelsea hit SEND and waited.

Almost immediately, Chelsea received a reply:

Who am I? Thought I already answered that question. I’m your worst nightmare. For now, call me, um, D.

Chelsea stopped reading. D? As in, D for Dani? No, this person must be trying to trick me. She kept reading:

You stopped, didn’t you? Yes, D. Anyways, what I want? Your assistance in some, er, business. We’ll go on later. I’ve known you for a long time, you just don’t know it. But you will never know who I am. You won’t ask, you won’t try to find out, or everything gets revealed. As for what else I know, EVERYTHING. From the blackmailing to the breaking and entering. And it ALL gets revealed if you don’t do what I say. AND DON’T TELL ANYONE. Or D strikes.

Chelsea dropped her phone and started to cry. This is where shoplifting gets you!

“What was I thinking? I’m such an idiot!” Chelsea cried, sobbing into her pillow.

“Honey, is everything alright?” Chelsea’s mom walked into the room, with a worried look on her face. Chelsea wanted to tell her mom everything but then she remembered D’s warning: “Or D strikes”

“Nothing Mom, just thought of Dad. When can we ever be a family again?” Chelsea lied.

“Oh sweetie, your father and I just weren’t made for each other. You’re going to see him next weekend.” Chelsea’s mother said, rubbing her back.

“Okay, I’m going to start summer reading. See you later.” Chelsea grabbed her bag and book and walked out to the park.



Chapter 5

Chelsea ran out to the park and sat down on a nearby bench. She pulled out her phone and sure enough, another text from D. Chelsea rolled her eyes.

“Wonder what it is this time”

You can run. But you can’t hide….Now, let’s discuss business. How about this? We can ask a question for a question. I can ask what I want and then you can ask what you want.

She hit reply and started typing

Alright. My first question. What do you want from me?

DING, another text.

I want your assistance, didn’t we already go over this? I need certain things from you, Chelsea. Things I can’t do. But you can. Look I’m sending you a message now.

Chelsea looked around and vaguely saw a sheet of paper blowing towards her in the distance. She ran towards it and picked it up. It read:

Come to the Dreslin Diner at 5 PM tonight. Bring no one. You will get your information there. Then all you have to do is complete the mission, and I’ll send you all the pictures, videos, and evidence I have. And I won’t tell a soul. You have my word. Do I have yours?

She ran back to the park bench and rustled through her bag looking for her phone. She hit reply to the previous text and started typing again:

Okay, got the message. Why couldn’t you just text me the message? And why should I trust you? Who are you?

After waiting for a couple minutes, she felt a buzz in her pocket.

Ah ah, wait your turn Chelsea. Now I get to ask you a question. How close are you with Dani?

Before Chelsea could get the chance to answer, Dani and Cassie walked up to her.

“Hey, what are you doing? And, ooh, what’s this?” Dani picked up the white paper lying next to Chelsea.

Chelsea snatched the paper out of her hand and stuffed it into her bag.

“Wow, aggressive much?” Cassie said surprised. Dani, on the other hand, looked angry.

“Chelsea, what is that? Do you think you’re just allowed to snatch that out of my hand?” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry, um, it was a…” Chelsea looked around “a secret um…. application letter. Yeah, I didn’t want anyone to know. But you, er, caught me!” she said awkwardly.

“Aha, so which college! We should all apply too!” Cassie said.

“Yeah totally!” Chelsea glanced down at her watch. 4:40 PM. “Listen, I, um, have to go…Talk later!”

“Sure, um, bye.” Dani said. “Have you noticed how Chelsea has been acting super weird lately?” she asked Cassie.

“Yeah. I don’t think that’s an application letter. We have to find out what’s going on. Let’s follow her.” Dani whispered.

“I don’t think that’s a great idea, Dani. Maybe she doesn’t want us to know. We should respect her privacy.” Cassie said nervously.

“Psh, privacy shmivacy. She should tell us everything. And if there’s something fishy going on… Well we should be the first to know. Let’s go.”
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  1. This is so good! It's getting really interesting ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. ooh! I can't wait until chapter 6!
    Amazing writing, as always, Noor!

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  4. NOOR!! The link of the party button goes to alittlebitofsunshine.com which doesn't exist- I tried it!! Please fix it!


  5. Awesome story!! I love it so much can't wait for the next chapter! Theres a new post on my blog! Since you wanna know what you should add to the story here it is, I think you should make Cassie and Dani stop liking Chelsea because Chelsea has stopped telling them her secrets.


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    a vapor in the wind

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