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Hello everyone! Today I have a wonderful guest post from Emily @ My Life As A Preteen Dork. Let's get right into the post!


Hi! I am Emily from Pre Teen Dork and today I am guest posting on Noor's awesome blog- My amazing Life Being 10. As the Chinese new year is getting close I thought that I should show you how to make an image on paint to go on your blog to celebrate. Just follow these simple steps.


First of all you get a reasonable sized square (one with round edges) and put four rectangles beneath for legs.


Next you add a circle just overlapping the top left hand corner. Get your black pen and do two ears. Now erase the unwanted line inside the head.


Now the time has come to get your spray can and do some crazy fur on your sheep's head. Also add more detail to the face.


The next thing you must do is get your black spray can out again and do some crazy body fur.


Now get the line tool and draw small lines at the bottom of the legs and fill them with black for hooves. Switch to light grey and create a tail.



 Create a background in dark grey and at the bottom draw a lime green line using your line tool.


Colour the rectangle shape in lime green using the bucket. Now get the dark green spray can and add more grassy effects. Also use the yellow spray to make stars.


Click on edit colours and get a really bright colour like my blue. Write happy Chinese new year on your picture. Now put on your blog sidebar and wait for nice comments from readers.

Emily ^_^

Thanks Emily! Great tutorial. Tomorrow I'll be back with some.....SHORT BAGS! It won't be a full tutorial, but it will be close enough.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Oh, this is so cute! Lovely guest post ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Really cool post Emily and Noor! It's a shame that our not allowed to watch Dance Moms but it is what it is I sorta do agree with your parents but I just love the dancing and the argueing is quite funny too hahahaha.

  3. Great guest post! Noor, just to let you know, I replied to your comment on my blog!!

    xoxo, Amelie :) - ameliebarham.com


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