DIY Watering Can From A Milkjug!

Hello everyone! I have A LOT of guestposts coming up on the 10, 12, and 14 so get ready! But today I will be participating in the 2 Crochet Hooks Craft Challenge. I'm not going to go into detail about it but I will say, you have to make a project using a milkjug or soda bottle. Let's get started with our craft!

2 Crochet Hooks
The first step is to grab your milk jug. Mine is a gallon but you can do the small ones too.
Please excuse the horrible background
This step is a bit tricky. Look around your house for a fairly large needle. If you cannot find a needle, use another thing that is sharp. Now, poke big holes on the lid of the jug. A tip is to move around the needle a lot so the hole becomes bigger.
You can also heat up your needle to make it easier to poke into.
You can just twist the cap back on and leave it like this, but I decided to take it a step further and decorate it! I painted my jug yellow/orange and drew a (really bad) flower.
Now, you're done! Voila! You now have your watering can that is recycled and good for the environment in two ways! One, its recycled and two, it helps water the plants.
I hope you enjoyed this fun craft and I will write to you again on Tuesday!
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  1. This is an awesome craft. And that was actually quite a good flower.........
    Emily //

  2. Helping the world one milk jug at a time. I was never really good at taking care of plants,when I was younger they gave us plants to take care of and mine died the following week because I drowned it in water. Wish I would have known how to do this DIY.

    1. Aww that's sad. I'm glad you enjoyed the DIY!

  3. Awesome tute and awesome recycle! So glad our Creative Challenge party inspired you! Appreciate your linking up and you have all month if you get that creative upcycle feeling again!

  4. Cool, that's really cool and awesome and epic and amazing. I must test it out sometime!

    Anyways, can I just give a shoutout to new blogger (and one of my school friends) Maizie, a massive fan of Harry Potter who blogs at her Harry Potter themed blog:
    Amazing Maizie

    The thing is, she thinks her blog is terrible. Uh! It's great, trust me!

    You can check it out at

    - Lexie | What Lexie Loves


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