Why I Blog and Quick Announcement

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share some thoughts and stuff but first, I have a couple announcements:

1) I will now be posting everyday. I talk about how you should blog to make yourself happy and now I understand what that truly means. Posting makes me happy, so I will be posting everyday. EMILY'S GUEST POST WILL BE UP TOMORROW

2) I have a blog survey! You can find it here!!! Please take it, it will help me so much!

Let's get into the post.....
So, I chat with a lot of my readers via email and one of the questions I have received the most was, "Why do I blog?". I've given answers to this questions millions and millions of times but today, I'm going to give you the whole thing, the reason of why I blog.
I blog, to fill up that little empty space in me. Ever since I was 8, I knew I had to find a passion, something I loved. I tried drawing, writing stories, painting, etc but nothing came across to me as a passion. Then one night, I remember, blogging. I opened up my scrawny old computer and created this little blog.
I blog for happiness, I blog to fill myself up with something. It may seem as though, I blog to be professional. I schedule, promote, and do all of those things, but I'm not trying to become famous. It makes me happy, it just makes me filled with joy and excitement when I open up my computer and write my post.
I blog, to make others happy. It fills me with joy when I read a pleasant comment. It makes me happy when I look at my pageviews and say, I've made 13,000 people happy in the mere 11 months that I have been blogging.
I blog, to share me. I love sharing what I create, so you can create. What I read, so you can read too. What I think, so you can be inspired.
This little blog may have only 13,000 pageviews. But to me, that's like the whole world is reading. Thank you loyal reader, for making me smile, everytime I open up my computer. Thank you, I owe my success, to you.
I hope you enjoyed today's rambles. Tomorrow, I will share Emily's guestpost. Thanks for accepting me everyone, I really appreciate it.
Thanks for reading,


  1. Fabulous post!! I love your blog- just took the survey

    1. Thanks Amelie! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks for taking the survey!

  2. The fact that people are reading what we have to say is what makes us happy :)
    It's good you found the reason why you blog :D

  3. This post is perfect. It truly, amazing. You made me started my blog, Noor. Noor, You made me happy. Bow down, Noor! You rule joy!

    1. Oh.My.Gosh, that is the sweetest comment I have read in a long time. You just made my day June, thank you.

  4. Wonderful post, Noor! It's great that blogging makes you happy ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  5. Nice post! Hey, am I supposed to send you anything else about the giveaway, since I won? Just wondering...thanks Noor. :)


  6. LOVE THIS BLOG! Okay, seriously, the amazing comments you get on this blog are totally deserved. YOU GO GIRL!! Blog for you!

  7. Really 13,000 I have 550. I'm a horrible blogger ): *sobs*

    1. I just went back and saw this! It's freaking July of 2016!!! I just wanted to say thank you Elsa!


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