cozy covers : ten autumn themed book covers

Let's be real. How many of you have judged a book by its cover?

GASP. YOU FIENDS. kidding kidding. I sometimes... am guilty.... of choosing books.... because of the pretty cover........ ooPS. #sorrynotsorry (is this a blog post or a demi lovato song, the world may never know)

Today I am linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for their weekly Top Ten Tuesday and today's prompt is ten books with fall themes and covers.

I went basic and simply chose ten books I own that have covers that remind me of fall :D (spoiler alert: there's a lot of red... sorry to .... bulls)

wish you were here - rita mae brown

This cover features a cat and for some reason I associate cats with fall. DO YOUR BRAINS EVERY MAKE .. strange.. CONNECTIONS. like cats with fall??? or am i crazy. Probably the latter. 

harry potter and the sorcerer's stone - jk rowling

This is one of the only books on the list that actually relates to fall. Because back to Hogwarts? And the halloween chapter? IT MAKES SENSE OK. 


the seven dials mystery - agatha christie

LIKE I SAID. LOTS OF RED. basically the red just sold it for me. But for real, I literally grew up on mysteries. My mom owns every single Agatha Christie, Anne Perry, Georgette Heyer novel EVER. crazy. 

the book of saladin - tariq ali

OK I ACTUALLY HAVEN'T READ THIS BOOK YET.. but this book cover screams fall. the colors. drool. 

linger - maggie stiefvater

Because it's kind of set in fall?? Right?? Yes? Also peep my obsession with Bath and Body Works lingering (AHAH THE PUNS) in the background. 

queen of attolia - megan whalen turner

dark skies??? fall?? right. Except it's been sunny here for the past week and I really miss fall :')

the copper gauntlet - holly black/cassandra clare and the kill order - james dashner

RED AND ORANGE COVERS. and ps i will never stop using the fuzzy blanket and orange fairy lights in my pictures. NEVER. 

the book thief - markus zusak

While this isn't exactly a ... cozy book.... the cover does give me a warmish feel and there's some parts that are set in the cold? I'm reaching here. 

a court of thorns and roses - sarah j. maas

RED. ALL THE RED. i own way too many red books. I don't think I buy them for their colors, but who knows maybe it's another weird brain connection. 

Do you buy/read books by their covers? YES I KNOW YOU DO.  What are some weird connections your brain makes? WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE “fall” BOOKS? Let’s talk!

peace out,


  1. the fall aesthetics here are so pleasing to see <3

  2. Replies
    1. who doesn't love fall books!? thank you for the lovely comment xx

  3. The Raven Cycle gives me SUCH fall vibes! With the misty and rainy weather we've been having lately, I've gotten totally in the mood to reread them. I even went walking in a cemetery the other day just to immerse myself more in the TRC vibes....#ididn'tevenlikethosebookswhenireadthem #whydoilikethemsomuchnow

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  4. I do tend to pick books by their covers! But of course, then I always read the blurb and figure out from flipping a few pages if I think it's my worth. Now that I think about it, it's been forever since I bought a physical book! I've been doing most of my reading on my phone and there's really not much to a cover when it comes to virtual books xD

  5. Okay I totally get you with the cat thing! Maybe it's like a spooky/black cat/bad luck/Friday the 13th thing that makes me associate cats with Fall/Halloween? IDK but it's a thing! Also I'm reading through the first Harry Potter book right now literally just because of the Halloween/fall chapters. <3 :)

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