autumn adventures

Hello everyone! Today I did some very f a l l things and felt very f a l l and took some very f a l l pictures so enjoy this f a l l post. F A L L

first we visited the first pumpkin farm of the day, i love those little white pumpkins, you could do so many creative things with them! i'd love to but they were kind of overpriced.. oops.. 

that corn was very beautiful, traditional f a l l. And ohmy those pumpkins, are GORGEOUS. You can't exactly see them that well but they were carved and then had little flowers stuck into them :0

stop number two! i only took one picture, but they had these pumpkin statues and I had to get a picture of the Harry Potter ones, ahh I was so happy, good for you pumpkin statue creators. 

stop three was a lil petting zoo, we didn't originally plan on stopping but it was cute so!! we saw these adorable pigs who smelled bad but there was a baby and it was the actual cutest thing ever??

this duck looked so peaceful, quiet, content with life, everything i have not been for the past week. it is a reminder of who i want to be. you go duck. you go. 

some goat buddies, they were interesting, i like their horns. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THEIR EYES THOUGH?? it's like yellow with a little black slit like that's scary but also the coolest thing ever.

some more cute animals but seriously that baby with its mother gave me warmth and hope inside. 

so. many. freakin. pumpkins. but the color of pumpkins is so nice, can we appreciate for a second?

and to end off the post, here is a very aesthetic picture of my sneakers and the leaves. enjoy 

how f a l l do you feel right now? do you feel the worlds of halloween coming into your soul? good. 

let me know some of the things you do that make you feel f a l l 

Thanks for reading,


  1. So many pumpkins! I need to go get some pumpkins:)

  2. Ah, fall. I'm glad you had a day to enjoy it.

    I love that kind of corn--it's so unique and rustic looking. Yellow corn is so bright and summery, and that kind of corn has all these subdued neutrals that are perfect for fall.

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

  3. I have never ever been to a pumpkin patch and I am extremely annoyed about it. This year I am hoping that I can go to one. Nice pics!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  4. Bless those pumpkin statue makers!!!! Go potterheads!!!!!

  5. Great ! I am a die hard fan of Harry Potter and Dragons of course. Excellent ! I am a 10 year old boy, new to blogging. You can read my short stories at Let me know what you think !

  6. I need to go to a pumpkin patch, I went to a corn maze, but not a pumpkin patch.


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