Father's Day Gift Guide

Hello everyone! Father's Day is coming up soon, so I am going to do a gift guide today! I hope this helps you all :) Oh yeah, these are all suggestions from my father, so these are probably gifts your dads will actually want.

Shaving kit
Most likely, your dad shaves. Shaving kits are a great gift, and you can get them for really cheap. I would suggest trying Amazon, they are currently having a huge Father's Day sale!


Not really sure about this one, but my dad owns lots of hats and I've seen dads who own lots of hats, so I guess? Plus, you can get some for under 10 bucks so that's a plus! And they're basically everywhere, so it won't take much time to find a hat.

Again, just a piece of clothing, but they like it! Try to get something cool, like I got my dad this awesome Pink Floyd t-shirt last year and he loved it. So try to not get a plain t-shirt.

Here's another item from Amazon but Amazon has some awesome items and this one is like 15 dollars and it comes in so many different colors so yay!
Sport balls
Most dads are pretty sporty, so I would quickly pick up a basketball, football, etc, Dad's will love that! You can even personalize it by writing a nice message or something like that on the ball.
Pretty basic, I know. But you can get some great mugs and you can even make your own! (Search up 'sharpie mug' on Google). Here are a few of my favorites from Amazon (my go-to place)
My dad liked this one :)
Here's a decorate your own mug one that I thought was cool :D
My dad is the music guy so he loves headphones! I found a really cool/cheap pair of earbuds, so I thought I'd share! But some places online have some awesome and cheap earbuds/headphones.
Create him a website and leave him nice messages.
This one is kind of weird, but I thought it would be nice! This can go two ways.
1) You just have a regular blog and post nice things for your dad so he can see them on Fathers Day
2) You can actually design the blog and again, post nice things! (If you want, I can design the blog for you)
I hope you enjoyed today's post and that it helped you out :)
What are you getting/making for your Dad?
Mkay bye,


  1. These are all such great ideas! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Great post all of those are brilliant ideas and really helped me out xx :)

  3. These are awesome and creative ideas. I am going to try and do this.

  4. Thank you so much! I still have no idea what I'm getting my dad, maybe some fandom merch, but this helped a lot!

  5. GREAT list! i love all the gift ideas you listed xxx.

  6. In the event that he as of now has numerous contraptions, you could get him a conveying case for his phone or PDA.
    father's day gifts from daughter


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