A HUGE Tag Post

Hello everyone! I've been tagged for so many tags (thank you all so much!) that I decided to put as many as possible in one HUGE post.

But first, I HIT 30,000 PAGEVIEWS!


NOW ONTO THE TAGS...... (P.S: I'm tagging people, and I don't know if they have been tagged or not)

credits to Jo


- Answer the 7 questions
- Tag others (as much as you want)
- Provide link back to the creator of the tag (optional)
- Include the picture above in your post

Dedicated blogger? I would have to say Morning and Amy, they post often and they're both super nice. They always have amazing content.

Blog with nice design? Eve has a really nice design, ahh everyone does! I really like Bryleigh's design too.
Awesome review/book blog? Lexie's blog, no doubt there. She writes awesome reviews and has introduced me to awesome books!

Deep and thoughtful blogger? Probably Jo. She writes posts that really make me think, and I love that about her blog.

A blog you always enjoying reading? Ugghhh, I can't pick. But if I did, it would have to be Olivia's, Morning's, Amy's, Jo's, and Adaline's.

Blogger with a great sense of humour? Olivia and Kelsey have an amazing sense of humor, they always make me laugh!

Blog that inspires you? Every single blog up here. They're all amazing people, who have amazing blogs.


All the people up there

Creative Blogger Award

I was nominated by Lauryn to do the Creative Blogger Award! Thanks Lauryn :)

-Share 5 facts about you
-Tag/nominate 5 other blogs
-Have fun!

FACT 1: I am totally obsessed with Fall Out Boy.

*100000 pictures of Pete Wentz fall out of my pockets* WHERE DID THOSE COME FROM. *nervous laughing*

But seriously, how can you NOT love these guys, HOW.

FACT 2: Cookies are lifeeee

Anyone want to argue with me on that?

FACT 3: I've had my blog for 1 year

AND 5 MONTHS! I can't believe that I've done this, it's amazing!

FACT 4: I'm a fangirl.... oops

I'm not going to into further details about my fandoms, you can just click on my About page for that if you're interested :)

FACT 5: I don't ship Sheo or Romione

*hides* I'm sorry, but I ship Shansel more, oops. DON'T HURT ME! I also ship Dramione more than Romione.

I TAG: All of you!

I was nominated by the amazing Jo and some others to do the Liebster Award! Thanks everyone!
- Use the picture above in your post
- Thank the person who nominated you
- Answer their 7 questions
- Nominate 3 people, and give them 11 new questions

What career would you like to pursue?
Hmm, I want to be a professional blogger, that would be pretty cool. But I also want to become a doctor or a scientist and save people.
WAIT. Is being a superhero a career option?
Books or movies? It depends. I love reading more but sometimes movies are better than books.
What philosophy do you live by? Treat other people the way you would want to be treated, and they will treat you the same way.
Messy or organised? Depends on what we're talking about. My room is messy and my bookshelf is completely organized :P
What is the thing you most strongly believe in? Hmm, what do I strongly believe in... I guess my religion. Probably not the answer you were looking for Jo, but I strongly believe in Allah and that He is watching over me.
What is your favourite quality in a person and why? That they're able to understand. They understand that you want to be left alone or need someone next to you. I love it when someone just understands me, then I know we can be good friends.
Some blog posts that you've been loving recently? Oh wow, this is hard. Probably Eve's summer video, I've watched it over and over, it's so beautiful!
Are you more practical or more creative? I would say a little bit of both :)
What is your blog purpose? Meet new people, share my thoughts and ideas with the world, and have fun!

What makes you happy? Blogging, drawing, DIYing, reading, writing, playing outside, listening to music.
Would you rather be a firebender, earthbender, waterbender, airbender? Waterbender, I love water :)
1) What's a quote you live by?
2) What are some of your favorite blogs?
3) Why did you start blogging?
4) Favorite bands/artists?
5) Share a weird fact about yourself.
6) Describe yourself in 4 words.
7) What's your favorite food?
8) Favorite movie from a book?
9) If you could live in any fictional world, which one would it be?
10) Favorite fictional character?
11) What are your plans for your blog in the future?
And anyone else who wants to do it!
Thanks everyone for tagging me! I hope you all enjoyed today's post! Next post will be the first session of the book club :D
Mkay bye,


  1. Thank you so much! I'll try to get it up soon :).

    - Ellie

    1. You're welcome Ellie! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. HOW DARE YOU SHIP SHANSEL *unsheathes sword* wait...*squints* is that my blog that you mentioned? is! *puts away sword*

    awww seriously thank you so much! I love hearing that people love reading my blog! ^^ and my humor being put on par with Kelsey's, wow! love this post! *grins like a nerd*

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  3. Being a superhero is most definitely a career option in my opinion that sounds like a pretty good life to me. xD
    YES FALL OUT BOY *casually whistles and stuffs 10000 pictures of pete in my back pocket because yes pete*

  4. Wow! Awesome post! So much tags! So can anyone else do the tags too? I love the


  5. Lovely! You wrote awesome answers, and tagged all the right bloggers ;)


  6. How fun would a professional Blogger be? Like Dani from Wonder Forest. :D Thanks for mentioning me a whopping three times in your post! It made my day to see that you enjoyed my posts. :) This was fun to read!

  7. Aww, thank you for thinking that I'm a dedicated blogger! And thank you for the tag, but I don't really do them anymore ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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