top five things that will make me rate a book five stars

Sometimes, authors do really good things. Things that make me flail, things that get me excited, things that make me rack up the stars and praises and make me FALL IN LOVE. Things that make me do this:

And because I'm a basic little book blogger, I compiled them into a list, because no one has done that before. ha. 

one word. diversity. yes.

i mean, this was a given. It really doesn't make sense to me when all the characters are the same. It also makes me sad when every book I read is set in Nowhere Town, U.S.A.

I did a whole post somewhere.. hold on.. HERE on why we need more representation in YA, which I wrote back in January, but I still stand by 100%. POC are really cool, LGBT are really cool, everyone is cool, put them in your books!! They deserve a badass story too. 

secondary character development (you find this in most books BUT WHEN IT'S DONE RIGHT?? YES.)

When I see a secondary character develop, my heart flutters. Most of the times, a secondary character is my favorite character, and it makes me so happy when I see them get the proper and nice love they deserve? JFJFDWFDBHF

Sometimes though, character development goes wrong and it's not very pretty, and the character is broken and SO IS MY HEART. But the pretty development. AH. Don't get me wrong, development is hard, so the lovely crazily talented authors that can pull it off are pure... genius. 

a good villain with a good backstory and a good plan and the ability to put up a good fight

Villains cannot be weak. They cannot be taken down in a chapter. And they should have some backstory besides I WAS BORN EVIL IN THE WOMB. weak. 

hahah yes i am token villain and i will take over the world with token weapon that can be taken down with a single button. great plan yes i am genius hAHAHHAHAHA. 

hahah yes i am token ruler and i will kill u all if u don't listen to me. but wait there is a girl coming to kill me o no! my thousands of men can't take her down! i am weak. weak. 

hahah yes i am token bully and i will make every person in token high school fear me! but wait i have one flaw that main character discovers and now i am #exposed! o no

main characters that actually know what they're doing

I AM SO TIRED OF CLUELESS MAIN CHARACTERS. Yes, I get that main characters aren't supposed to know everything so we can learn with them blah blah blah but once they understand, they should be doing smart things. NOT FOOLISH THINGS. 

Genius characters are fun, decently intelligent main characters are great too, but I don't like reading characters that act like they've never encountered any bit of the universe. It's annoying. 

It's quite nice to see that once the main character gets everything explained to them, they actually take the information and do something useful. That's all. Just my personal preference really. 

teenagers that act like.. teenagers

Obviously most YA protagonists are teenagers, but they all seem to be so grown up. Of course I understand you're all busy about saving the world but what about homework, and a crazy fashion sense that includes a few pairs of avocado socks.

I want a YA character that has a few problems like mine, like running out of Poptarts at 1 AM, and not having the right pair of jeans to go with my t shirt for the day. However when I find those characters, I keep them close to my heart because who doesn't love characters that are #relatable?

- - - -

HOPE Y'ALL ENJOYED!! I missed blogging so much AAA ranting about books every weekend really is a refresher. 

tell me some of your fave bookish things! let's chat :D

Love y'all,


  1. We definitely need more of these things in books. Especially diversity.

  2. yes to everything you mentioned. also, other things i consider when giving all the shining five stars is 1) if the book made me feel strong emotions, like it made me ugly cry; 2) if it's addicting like it makes me want to go read it all over again immediately upon reaching the last page.

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