why writing fanfiction is TOTALLY AWESOME

HELLO EVERYONE ! Fanfiction is great, it's fun to read and it's fun to write!

But I often feel extremely guilty when writing fanfics, as it's not truly original writing and it doesn't exactly take as much work as writing your own real baby.


I present to you, 5 reasons why you should most definitely NOT feel guilty about writing fanfiction and instead love your favorite characters until the end of time. ahem


Just like real original (common misconception) writing, fanfiction has little to no rules. Heck, you don't have to stick to the original plot, you can make up your own characters, tbh do whatever you want!

That's why fanfiction is so much like original writing, because you can create plot twists and ideas that were never in the original book, movie, whatever, it's your story incorporated into that other one. 

DO ALL THE THINGS. Change a character's gender. Make them love chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream. you do you. 


You have an easy way to create a plot, you have the characters, now all you have to do is write. Test new things, practice intense descriptions, you have an outline, now you just have to paint it. And that is amazing practice that you may not get when writing an original. 

With fanfictions, developing the characters is not the most important part, because the people reading already have a sense of what they're like (unless you're introducing an OC or changing a character's personality)  SO AGAIN, GO WILD WITH FUN FUN THINGS!! 


I don't know about y'all but whenever I read/watch something, I always find myself saying "Man I wish they added ____ or made ____ into a _____" Well, with fanfiction, you can make all your dreams come true!

This especially works with ships. I prefer some characters together rather than what the author has written, and I can totally write that ship into my fanfiction. Again, my world, my ships :D 

Writing ships are also so much fun, sometimes I find myself in love with a ship, and I'm almost certain it's exactly what real love feels like. 


I honestly don't understand when people call fanfiction fake writing. if you are writing something... isn't it writing??? like ?? 

It's not exactly copying, when you write fanfiction you acknowledge that the characters aren't yours and the original story isn't either. You aren't copying it word for word, and it isn't paraphrasing, it's usually a completely different story or a subplot that wasn't part of the original. 


This kind of goes along with number 3, but I decided to give it it's own section. Earlier this year, I did a post about a lack of representation in YA novels, and how it really sucks. But, fanfiction changes everything. 

You can make a Caucasian character into a POC in an instant, and that doesn't suck. Fanfiction can give literature the representation it needs, especially since fic writers come from every inch of the world. And that's what makes it such a great community. 

me when i see poc in any form of media

FANFICTION? YES OR NO? If yes, what’s your favorite type to read? OOH and what’s your favorite ship, I’d love to know :D

Thanks for reading,


  1. I love reading fan fiction, and I've been trying to write some lately, too :-)
    Lately I've been reading a lot of Taekook (it's a ship from BTS) AUs, which are a lot of fun to read. I just really like reading about characters/real people in alternate settings that they wouldn't usually be in!
    And I hate the misconception that fanfic writers aren't really writers..because they totally are! If you write, you're a writer. And besides, there are some really well-written, amazing fanfics out there!

  2. I actually used to hate and I mean like DESPISE fanfic. But now I actually really like it! I actually tried to write a play of fanfic too!

  3. The problem with fan fiction is that it's really hard to find good ones :(
    Also, there NEEDS to be a site where people can request fan fictions. Because I was watching Dexter and the show made it seem like something major was going to happen (that would change everything completely), but it doesn't happen/it gets averted and I want to know SO BAD how the show would have gone on if that thing had happened (I'm omitting spoilers lol). So yes, if I could find a fanfiction that takes that alternate route and is written really well, then I'd be so happy QuQ

  4. Super awesome post that I so agree with! I actually don't really write fanfiction although I feel like it would be super fun. I really enjoy reading fanfiction though.

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  5. I admit that I quit fan fiction :P I was about to write some, but then I felt too guilty! I wish I'd read this post back then, because it would have definitely helped me grow as a writer, as your post says. But I did model one of my own characters after my all-time FAVORITE character xD

    Jace and Kyrin's ship from Ilyon Chronicles all the way ;)

    audrey caylin

  6. This is a really good guide! I'm not much of a fanfiction writer but i am thinking of starting creative writing again :)
    I used to read a lot of fanfiction, especially ones of artists like Ariana Grande (I used to have an odd obsession with her lol) and TV shows like Once Upon a Time, but some of the ones I've read went a bit too far in their imagination and are too weird or too sexual :s But if I had to read fanfiction again, I'd probably read fanfics of anime (AoT) or "13 reasons why" :D

    - nicole ᵔᴥᵔ //

  7. I've written fanfiction only once before, not knowing it was called that. I mean, personally, I don't prefer fan fiction, but it definitely can give you practice for your original writing and there are always things that you could change. Thanks for doing this post and voicing your opinion! Great reasons :)

  8. I've never written or read much fanfiction, but I definitely can see the appeal. There has been times when I wish certain stories would have ended this way or that or gone in a totally different direction.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! =)

  9. I've never written any fanfiction and I've only read a few, but I think that it can be a great way for writers to practice!
    I also tagged you in the bookish tag!
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  10. fanfiction is the ultimate tribute to our favorite writers and their compelling characters. It's not the provenance of 13-year-old girls with "I Heart Edward" drawn in glitter pen on their notebooks (though there are certainly excellent teenage writers in every fandom)

  11. Some of the first fanfiction can be traced to the announcement that Star Trek would be going off the air in the late 1960's.fanfiction

  12. Fanfiction is the ultimate tribute to our favorite writers and their compelling characters. It's not the provenance of 13-year-old girls with "I Heart Edward" drawn in glitter pen on their notebooks (though there are certainly excellent teenage writers in every fandom). fanfiction


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