Chill Out Broski: 39 Things To Do To Release Stress

Hello everyone! Feeling down? Happens to the best of us my dude. (i really need to stop) I compiled a little list of simple things you can do to feel better/less stressed. These are things I find useful during my times of stress (which is pretty much 90% of the time). Enjoy!


1) watch a show that's comforting - smile!
2) drink some water / green tea - they're known to brighten your mood
3) take a 30-60 minute nap - you'll feel refreshed
4) moisturize!! - your body will feel soft
5) look out the window and think about how beautiful the world is
6) draw something, even if you don't think you're good at art, make it simple
7) listen to some happy music, or any music - something that makes you feel good
8) eat something nice, especially if you haven't in a while - treat yo self
9) write in a journal, especially if something is bothering you
10) be your own best friend for a little bit

11) organize your files (it makes you feel accomplished!!)
12) do some running or exercise, being healthy makes you happy
13) buy something nice for yourself, something that makes you happy
14) talk to someone you trust
15) open your curtains and let the light in
16) stand outside for a couple minutes if the weather is alright and appreciate
17) improve your mind: read some books, listen to some music
18) have a little dance party

19) make a list of things you're greatful for
20) try some of those little meditation things
21) focus on your breathing
22) lay on the floor for a little bit
23) make sure your meals are sufficient
24) learn a new skill
25) turn your phone off for a little bit
26) forgive, let some pressure off your chest
27) make a homemade body care item
28) drink a smoothie (so good)
29) scroll through a relaxing website (Pinterest is good)
30) write some thank you notes to people you love + care about
31) hygiene is so important
32) reward yourself

33) create a vision board
34) have an at home spa day
35) take a long hot shower
36) hug a pillow like it's your best friend
37) if you don't want to draw something, color something instead
38) make a "things I love" list
39) watch some reality TV, you'll get a laugh

Alright I hope y'all enjoyed and let me know what you do to relax when the day has been tough! I could use your tips :D

Thanks for reading,


  1. I like colouring to take my mind off things - I can't do it for very long because my hand starts screaming at me but it's relaxing for most of the time.

    xoxo TG

    1. PS I have nominated you for the One Lovely blogger Award - Details on my blog!

  2. These are all great tips! Dancing always makes me feel better, and distracts me for a while ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. These are great tips! Thanks for this list!

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  5. Thank youu Noor for these tips! I get stressed soo much, eg. when I loose something which is occasionally. I'll definitely keep these in mind x

  6. Awesome tips! I might try some in a while! :)

  7. Hia, Noor! I really enjoy your blog, and these tips are great! I was wondering if you might check out my blog? I am fairly new to all this, haha!


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