The Depths of My Legendary Bullet Journal

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Since I've been so utterly obsessed with bullet journaling and everything related to bullet journaling, I decided to share a little bit inside my not so glorious yet thing I'm tremendously proud of, bullet journal! Some of my favorite spreads and things I use to make it m a g i c a l.

sorry for the dark pictures! it's been very cloudy lately :(

I've always enjoyed the idea of staying organized through lists and journals and such. I came across the bullet journal on Instagram a while go, and I've been fascinated. Mid December, I purchased a notebook and have been mixing with my planner!

It's a more creative approach to keeping myself on track, and listing things that I wouldn't normally remember. My bullet journal inspires me to do so many interesting activities/things that benefit my life. It's like my best friend, minus the whole talking part. I've also picked up a couple hobbies in order to spice it up, like hand lettering, which is a work in progress. yikes. 

a little quote (the darkness hides my terrible faux calligraphy) and a self care spread, which i love very much :)

I track a various amount of things in my bujo, from my daily tasks, to monthly tasks, to goals. I also like to track movies I want to watch, consistent "habits" I want to keep, honestly whatever comes to mind, and whatever I think will help me in the future!

Here's a sample month spread, I have a small calendar, a couple quotes, and my goals. It's minimalistic and a nice lil thing to flip to when I'm looking through the month. (yes i've started planning February DONT JUDGE ME.) 

To the right, I have a future log where I write reminders for the next couple months. It's a new thing I'm trying out! (hopefully it works ..)

You probably cannot see this, as it's a lot on one page, but this is a weekly spread I did! I've been using it for January, but for February I'm planning on switching it up to something more exciting besides a boring chart! On the right I just have some goals and a terribly done quote :)

I don't really think materials matter, any pen, any marker, any notebook works. My journal is a 5 dollar one from Target. The pens I use vary, but I often use Sakura Microns which were 10 dollars for 6 of them. I also recently bought a giant set of Mildliners which are these highlighters that were 20 dollars for around 25 of them :) 

I used to use sharpie and things that bled through, but it was a pain because I couldn't use the page on the other side smh. 

Hope y'all enjoyed! I might be sharing more of my bullet journal so look forward to that :D Have a lovely weekend <3

Thanks for reading,


  1. I love how you're organizing your bullet journal! I've seen a lot of bloggers keeping bullet journals lately..I might start, too.
    Great post :-)

  2. This is so cute! I love your calligraphy:) It has very much inspired me to try bullet journalling!


  3. thats literally so adorable awww. I wish I could bullet journal to stay organized. I love it!

    1. haaahah it took me ages to actually develop a routine with it XD

  4. I started to bullet journal this year! I feel so much more productive! <3 Thanks for sharing yours.

  5. Hi Noor,
    I love the idea of bullet journalling. It seems to make you much more productive, just the thing that I need, maybe it'll help me get things done for once!
    If you get a chance maybe you could check out my blog:

  6. This is so inspiring! I am totally going to start a bullet journal! Can't wait to see what you do with it next!

    xx Bubbles


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