Taking Care of Yourself Is Really Important, and Easy (and Cheap)

Hello everyone! Relaxation Sunday, not really, I have a crap ton of work to get done but I thought I'd semi "start" out the day with a nice little post for y'all <3

Ever since 2017 started, I've taken my resolutions really seriously and I've actually been trying to take care of myself. With Pinterest and drug store on my side, I've managed to figure out some tips and tricks, for broke people, like me. Enjoy! And treat yo self. And yo skin. Yo entire body. Yo everything. Love y'all.

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All of these things are either, cliche, really good, or may not work for you!! And that's okay!! These are things that work for me,, a person with mildly dry skin, dry wavy hair, and mildly acne prone skin. Keep that in mind :)


I drink two tall glasses of water EVERY DAY. And at first, it felt like a chore, it was annoying and I forgot. But after a week I SAW RESULTS.

My lashes were longer, I hadn't been breaking out, my sweat didn't smell (tmi BUT IT HELPS). 

I didn't like the taste of water (WATER HAS A TASTE NO ONE FIGHT ME ON THIS), I could barely finish a large cup without the bad feeling in my mouth. So I found an alternative, the BEAUTY THAT IS. Infused water. 

You put fruit in. (Make sure you cut it up) Or whatever the heck you want. Leave it in for at least an hour and a half, but not too long otherwise it's too strong, and bask in glory. You feel amazing after you drink that glass, you feel refreshed. AND YOU EVEN GET TO EAT THE FRUIT AT THE END. baboom. 

I like putting strawberries in my water, but the best things to put are cucumbers and lemons, they actually have health benefits. I originally just drank infused water because the taste is better. 

Also!! Don't get it from the store!! That infused water is more processed and just not good, if you make it at home, it's natural!! Yay!! And really easy!! Woo!!
I'm almost 13.. therefore I don't use that many skin products, like eye masks or things like that. But I DO wash my face and moisturize EVERY DAY. TWICE A DAY. And exfoliate twice a week, but that's just a little extra so I can GLOW. 

Cleaning your face is so important, especially if you touch your face often, it gets all icky and gunky and then your pores are icky and gunky and then you break out and that's icky and gunky. Ugh. It's not really good. 

Moisturizing is also good, it feels good, your skin is soft and you are soft, <33. Just love. 

I mentioned exfoliating, I do that as a little extra bit but if you do exfoliate, use cheaper products. They work GOOD. I use a scrub from St Ives that was 5 dollars, and my skin loves it. You don't have to spend 50 dollars on your masks or scrubs. Unless you want to treat yo self. Then treat yo self. 

For my body I just moisturize and put olive oil on! Use olive oil, it makes your skin so so soft <3 And for lips I use Vaseline, nothin fancy. 

I use: Simple Face Wash, Simple Moisturizer, Neutrogena Naturals Scrub, St Ives Scrub (all products I got from my drugstore :0)
All I gotta say is wash your hair. Although not TOO much because it could damage your hair. Shampooing everyday for more than a month is really bad for your hair and could cause it to fall out. But conditioning regularly is amazing, your hair will be so so soft and nice <3

I also recommend using coconut oil in your hair! Every Friday night I just put it all over my hair, put it up in a bun, leave it in overnight, and wash it in the morning. You'll get very shiny hair, it's nice. 

This is extra, but I use a detangling spray when I brush my hair, it's good for my girls w thick hair. 

I use: OGX Argan Oil Shampoo, Garnier Sleek and Shine Conditioner, Some Coconut Oil, and It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Spray. 

what do you do to take care of yourself? any other tips for the crowd? let me know if you tried any of this!!! <3

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  1. I have to put conditioner in my hair because my hair gets super dry and oily... actually, my face also gets pretty dry! So I usually have to put moisturizer on. Not my favorite thing to do, but I'm working on it.

    xoxo Morning

    1. i relate to the oily thing, after 2 days, my hair is as greasy as a glazed donut! D:<

  2. I think that drinking water is so important! I use an app called plant nanny to remind me, and it's really helped me ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. plant nanny!! ahh i love that app it's so cute and tons of fun <3

  3. From a soon to be 17 year old. Wash and cleanse your face daily otherwise acne will creepy on you! Also, great tip on the water. Best thing ever. No sugars, no calories just pure H20. :)

  4. Excellent tips, Noor. Love the part about the water! So simple yet so overlooked....

    Enjoy your week!!

  5. oh yes, i use coconut oil in my hair (my thick, uncontrollable hair lol.) and i love it! i kinda think all of these would apply to me (since i'm pretty much st like you lol.), i need to try the face one (i have so much acne it's not even funny. xD).

  6. These tips are wonderful! I usually feel really lazy when it comes to self care, but now that I know how important it is, I am going to try and work harder to be better at it. One of the ways I do self care is that on weekends I either sleep early or sleep in to make up for the sleep I missed on over the week because of school and homework and classes etc :)

    xx Bubbles

  7. Dat coco nut oil has been used here too! Did you know that if you use coco nut oil and wrap your hair with saran wrap it can actually kill lice? True fact! (I realize I spelled coconut coco nut)

  8. It's always so weird that people underestimate water. I mean, our bodies are like 75% water or something like that. So we obviously need a lot of it. It is hard to drink enough water though. I always have a glass of water in the fridge and take a bottle of water to school with me. I try to finish both in a day.

    I've never tried infuse water though. Maybe I'll try it. :)

    Oh! Coconut oil for hair is awesome! I need to start doing it again.

    Something I've been trying to do more for my health is yoga. Maybe that sounds weird? But when you're at school with a heavy backpack on all day, it takes a toll on your back. It's really easy though because I can just find a good youtube video with yoga stretches for my lower or upper back. I should do it more often but I'm too lazy to clear my bedroom floor so I can stretch. XD But I always feel great when I'm finished.

  9. These are some great tips!! WATER IS SO GOOD UGH I NEVER DRINK ENOUGH. Although it has really helped me to get a Camelbak bottle and take it everywhere with me lol. And I've always wanted to try using coconut oil in my hair! Coconut oil is so good for so many things. I eat it all the time, so there's a start. ;)

    Fabulous post!

  10. Awesome tips! I agree with all of this. I have very dry skin and dandruff so I have to always condition my hair and I use hot oil a lot. I love your writing style. It would make me super happy if you could check out my blog. :0 Thanks!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl


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