35 Things To Do This Summer

Hello everyone! Summer officially begins for me on Tuesday and I'm really going to try and be productive by getting healthy. So I decided to help you all be productive this summer as well by putting together a bunch of things that you can do to be productive and get stuff done, based on category. I hope I help!

So I created 5 categories: blogging, wellness, hobby/extra, books, social. Of course you don't have to do all of the ones in a particular category, mix and match to make your perfect summer. 

- brainstorm a list of 20+ post ideas so you're jam packed for a while.
- push yourself to comment on at least 10+ blogs a day.
- also push yourself to write a post more than once every week.
- get out there in the blogging world and make some friends.
- try a new type of blogging that you've never done (ex: DIY, review)
- do something like a contest or a challenge on your blog or participate in one
- create a summer tag

- wash your face every day
- go on a ____ mile run every day/every other day
- do one of those __ day meal plans
- do a tv show/movie workout plan (FriendsCommercialsHarry PotterHow I Met Your Mother)
- do a no junk food cleanse for a week
- go on a walk every day
- get rid of one unhealthy habit

- pick up an instrument
- try 10 Pinterest DIYs/recipes
- buy a cookbook and bake/cook at least 10 things from it
- have an all-day netflix marathon
- beat a videogame
- start collecting something
- pick up photography

- start a summer TBR
- set a reading goal
- participate in a book challenge/readathon
- write 10 reviews
- become more active on goodreads
- reread a series
- organize your bookshelf

- make a new friend
- try to hang out with a friend every week
- call or text a friend every day
- talk to 5 new people
- email a blogger asking to be friends
- try to get at least 5 people's numbers/social media

I hope this helped not make your summer boring like mine usually are, sigh. 

Let me know what your summer goals are in the comments ^.^

Thanks for reading,

p.s - my good friend Rukiya, is doing a bloggers award contest on her blog, check it out :D


  1. I really liked this post! This summer, I've picked up the guitar, and am trying to teach it to myself. I like that you included a social section, because I'm particularly bad at socializing unless I put in a conscious effort. All of there things are really good ideas!
    Bridgette| A Bit of This and That

    1. oml I picked up the guitar to self-learn this summer too!

  2. These are some great ideas! I love making lists of summer goals:)

  3. This is a great list, I think I'm going to try to do one of those tv work out things too.

  4. This is a really motivational list, Noor. ME LOVES IT.
    I'm definitely gonna try to do some of those. :)
    Suzy | Craftz'n'Craziness, Lookin' Good Designs

  5. Nice post Noor!. I really liked it! Also I can't find the bloggers award show on Rukiya's blog.

  6. WHOA, these are fantastic ideas!!!! so much inspiration/motivation ^-^ I might just have to steal some and hang them on my wall.... heh thanks for posting!!

  7. Sounds like a plan! :) Best of luck!

  8. Thanks for this. I'm about to have a three week holiday and most of my friends are going away, so I really needed some ideas on how to occupy myself.

    The Life of Little Me


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